Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines night fondue

 Fondue on Valentines night at the Jacobson Villa.
 We had chocolate and cheese fondues
with lots to dip in both.
 Katelyn and I.
She had it all set up so cute and festive.
 Isn't my sister the cutest!
Seriously look at her!
 How many guys does it take to open the wine
for the cheese fondue???
  Emery loved the chocolate,
can you tell?
And our cheese was "schmelty"
 Photobooth time!
Kat had props and a background all set up for us.
Valentines 2013
with all my Loves!
Our hosts.
Fun pics,
and even funnier outtakes.
{which no I am not posting}
Jim-Jim and Lois stopped by
and dropped off a cute heart red velvet cake.
They got into the photobooth action too.

Last year we did fondue with the girls and it was really fun.
What is not to like about dipping a banana on a pretzel stick
into chocolate?  This year we did it at Katelyn and Wes's house.
She had it set up so cute, and an even funner photobooth.
Valentines ended up being a fun day, little surprises for the girls.
Cute cards and gifts from Jeremy and the girls,
then a fun fondue night, full of yummy food and tons of laughing.
Not bad for a holiday "created by greeting cards"

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