Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be Mine

My little sweethearts.
Elliette was surprisingly excited to take
Valentine's Day Pics,
usually it involves bribery of some sort.
She is my tender-hearted little sweetie.
Always gentle, sweet and kind.
I think this captures that.

Don't ya wanna kiss that face!
The perfect pucker
Emery is always up for posing,
and no I did not have to dress her in a tutu for the
photo, she was already in it.
Of course.
Miss Personality
Happy Valentines
From Ellie and Eme
Sending kisses your way!

I loved our little Valetines photos from last year,
found here
and honestly with all the snow I didn't think we would be
able to get any.  It was cold and slightly snowy, but we
managed to take a few photos quick, and I mean real quick.
I am loving all of them though!~
They are sweet and show their personalities.
Ellie is very excited this year to give her Valentines out
this year to her class, and Emery is just excited seeing all
the candy, treats and bubble gum tubes we have at the house.

Happy Valentines Day

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Katelyn said...

PERFECT PUCKER!!!! OMG LOVE IT!! And all the pics are adorable!