Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines night fondue

 Fondue on Valentines night at the Jacobson Villa.
 We had chocolate and cheese fondues
with lots to dip in both.
 Katelyn and I.
She had it all set up so cute and festive.
 Isn't my sister the cutest!
Seriously look at her!
 How many guys does it take to open the wine
for the cheese fondue???
  Emery loved the chocolate,
can you tell?
And our cheese was "schmelty"
 Photobooth time!
Kat had props and a background all set up for us.
Valentines 2013
with all my Loves!
Our hosts.
Fun pics,
and even funnier outtakes.
{which no I am not posting}
Jim-Jim and Lois stopped by
and dropped off a cute heart red velvet cake.
They got into the photobooth action too.

Last year we did fondue with the girls and it was really fun.
What is not to like about dipping a banana on a pretzel stick
into chocolate?  This year we did it at Katelyn and Wes's house.
She had it set up so cute, and an even funner photobooth.
Valentines ended up being a fun day, little surprises for the girls.
Cute cards and gifts from Jeremy and the girls,
then a fun fondue night, full of yummy food and tons of laughing.
Not bad for a holiday "created by greeting cards"

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines treats

~Valentines 2013~
I had to work, so I left Jeremy and the girls their
little treats downstairs on the table to wake up to.
 We have a $5 limit.
It makes for fun creativeness. 
 I usually make heart shaped pancakes,
or something fun for the kids, but I since I was gone I
left doughnuts and juice.  They probably loved them more.
 Ellie woke up just as I was leaving.
She was really excited the "the day we love each other"
 Jeremy captured some cute pics of the girls.
What is not to love about waking up to donuts and treats.
My funny Valentine.
  All business.
 What'd ya get Emery?
 The girls got candy, new placemats, bath foam, 
bath fuzzies, and little treats.
We made home-made cards for Daddy
{which he loved}
Sad I missed their faces and reactions,
but glad Jeremy caught them for me.

I love our $5 tradition.
Since Jeremy thinks Valentines is the 
"holiday that the greeting card companies created,"
it is fun to be creative and think of the small things
that everyone likes.  Target helps make this really easy.
The girls and Jeremy had made cute cards 
and got me my favorite treats too.
Jeremy always writes the sweetest things,
they were all so thoughtful. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be Mine

My little sweethearts.
Elliette was surprisingly excited to take
Valentine's Day Pics,
usually it involves bribery of some sort.
She is my tender-hearted little sweetie.
Always gentle, sweet and kind.
I think this captures that.

Don't ya wanna kiss that face!
The perfect pucker
Emery is always up for posing,
and no I did not have to dress her in a tutu for the
photo, she was already in it.
Of course.
Miss Personality
Happy Valentines
From Ellie and Eme
Sending kisses your way!

I loved our little Valetines photos from last year,
found here
and honestly with all the snow I didn't think we would be
able to get any.  It was cold and slightly snowy, but we
managed to take a few photos quick, and I mean real quick.
I am loving all of them though!~
They are sweet and show their personalities.
Ellie is very excited this year to give her Valentines out
this year to her class, and Emery is just excited seeing all
the candy, treats and bubble gum tubes we have at the house.

Happy Valentines Day

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lego Land Florida

 At it again.
When we went to Florida...just 2 weeks ago
it was just a bonus added to our Shreveport trip.
We weren't sure when we would be down next, I told Donna
maybe we will try to make the boys' Bdays
when she said she was not doing a party but Lego Land instead
we were in!
I flew down on Friday with the girls.
 All for these 2 boys who turned 5 while we were there.
We went directly from the airport to Grandma and Grandpa Willis'
house to have dinner and pre-birthday celebrations.
 We also went down for the sunshine.
Sidewalk chalk or snow....hmmm hard choice.
 Have you seen sidewalk tattoos before?
They apparently last for at least a week, you put them on
the cement and color inside.
 Donna and Eme working on a masterpiece.
 Sunday Feb 3rd
{the boy's actual birthday}
we hit Lego Land Florida.
 Emery always up for posing.
 Thanks for letting us crash the Birthday guys!
Bob and Donna with their Birthday boys.
 Can we go in already!?!
{Jeremy actually ended up flying in Tampa on Saturday
so his Mom and cousin Shaelyn got to come too}
 You cannot get over how stinkin cute everything is
everywhere! Of course all made of Legos.
 Just starting out our day.  Emery will guide us it looks like.
 Double decker carousel.
{and our first meltdown of the day, for not getting to ride
upstairs.  I mean it's so rough being a kid having to go
to theme parks}
 Don't worry Bob, Croix has got this.
 Who is excited to be driving?
 Ellie and Shaelyn.
 Everyone got to ride.
Donna don't blink soon they will be 16 and really driving you around!
 Ogre hunting!
{we have a little inside joke about this}
I found the treasure.
 Pirate show on the water.
With real Lego guys water skiing and doing tricks on the water.
 More treasure.
 Batman and Robin our heroes.
 On a scale from 1 to laying on a lego
how painful was this really Bob?
 I could have just walked around the park looking
at how creative there were with the Legos everywhere.
 Can you see Emery's pure excitement?
We thought she was too little, but ended up being able to
drive her own car.  Probably the kids' favorite ride all day.
The boys had the driving thing down.
 Luke I am your Father!
 Yes it was all made of Legos.
Nice representation there Bob.
 Mr. Las Vegas telling Donna about who know what,
she is acting like she really cares :)
 In this area of the park they had several landmarks and
places built all in Legos.  They were all spot on!
New York, San Fran, Vegas, Florida, Daytona Speedway, etc.
 Don't worry guys I got this,
3 kids in my stroller.
 My favorite ride
{no I didn't ride it}
but it was so cute, and they rocked back and forth.
 "Mom can I go to Lego Land,
all my friends are going"
haha, thanks Grandma Linda for coming and bringing 
this guy over to us.  We had lots of fun. 
The perfect theme park day ever.
Amazing weather and NO crowds at all.
 Happy Birthday Croix and Cooper!
Thanks for the perfect day.
 Such a fun day, glad Grandma got to see the 
excitement and fun the girls had.
 On our way out of the park,
until next time Lego Land.
 On Monday we hit Daytona Beach.
I wonder why when we lived there we didn't go to
the beach more.
 And of course we ate at Boondocks,
and fed the fish too.
Emery, Ellie, Croix and Cooper.
Best little buds.

Bob and Donna had heard that going to Lego Land on Super Bowl
Sunday is the day to go because of no lines or crowds.
Man there were right! 
We literally walked off rides and right back on.
The weather could not have been nicer.
We felt like we had the park to ourselves.
It is the perfect park for kids our kids' ages.  All aimed at their level,
plus had a few adult rides too.  The boats were really fun too.
Throughout the park would be cute little chipmunks in the trees,
made of legos, or by the safari ride a monkey hiding in the
tree with a banana.  You can't even believe how spot on
everything made with Legos is.  Oh and get the apple fries
when you are there, delish!
The weather, lack of lines and crowds,
and the buy an adult get a kid free coupons Donna had,
made it the best theme park day we have had.
Thanks for letting us crash Wendlands!