Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prepping for Valentines

 It has been SUPER cold here in Utah.
Like in the single digits on a few days.
Then snowstorm after snowstorm,
so we have spent lots of time inside.
 So we decided to put up or Valentines decorations.
I am loving my new table.
It's perfect for displaying stuff on.
Just have to figure what I want to do on it
during the non-holiday times.
 Felt heart banner.
I have been busy making all sorts of things.
find them here.
It also has been keeping me and Katelyn busy.
I can't believe this was already a year ago!
I can't wait to get new pics done this year.
Hopefully the snow melts so we go 
actually go outside to take any.

Honestly we did not shovel ONE time last year.
This year on the other hand has been a crazy,
heavy snow year.
Girls are loving it when they play in it,
but they tire quick and it's LOTS of work
putting on snow clothes.
I can't wait for Spring!

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