Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prepping for Valentines

 It has been SUPER cold here in Utah.
Like in the single digits on a few days.
Then snowstorm after snowstorm,
so we have spent lots of time inside.
 So we decided to put up or Valentines decorations.
I am loving my new table.
It's perfect for displaying stuff on.
Just have to figure what I want to do on it
during the non-holiday times.
 Felt heart banner.
I have been busy making all sorts of things.
find them here.
It also has been keeping me and Katelyn busy.
I can't believe this was already a year ago!
I can't wait to get new pics done this year.
Hopefully the snow melts so we go 
actually go outside to take any.

Honestly we did not shovel ONE time last year.
This year on the other hand has been a crazy,
heavy snow year.
Girls are loving it when they play in it,
but they tire quick and it's LOTS of work
putting on snow clothes.
I can't wait for Spring!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

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 I took the girls alone to Florida to see Bob, Donna and
the boys before we met Jeremy in Shreveport.
 Being entertained by the Kindle Fire.
 We left a HUGE snowstorm and landed in Orlando
where it was 82 degrees!
Tank tops and shorts in January, we will take it
 Watching all the kids ride bikes and play outside.
Too bad Donna came down with the flu on Saturday 
and was curled up in bed all day.
 The kids loved making the trailed go up and slam down.
 How's the room back there Donna?
Thank goodness Donna felt better on Sunday and was
able to go out with us. 
 Lunch with the Wendland and Ackers at
  Feeding the fish from the docks.
 I think the kids threw in every scrap we had.
 Our usual picture.
Jeremy you are with us in spirit.
 The kiddos.
Emme, Croix, Cooper, Ellie and Emery
 Daytona Beach January 2013. 
 It was 78 degrees when we were there.
 Elliette and Emery loving the beach.
Glad we could leave out of Daytona and take the late flight
so that we got to hit the beach before we left.
 All the kids could have played for hours.
 The B&D
 Wendland family pic time.
 Bob with his "Sister Wives"
 We left Daytona and met Jeremy in Atlanta 
then off to Shreveport.  Here with Grandma Bogard
checking out their new house.
 Seriously I think this was the only time the
girls let Kevin sit down.  They had him 
running all around.
 Jeremy with his Dad.
 Thanks Steve for braving the cold so we can 
have grilled yummyness.
"ogre cheese"
 The girls with Grandpa Bogard.
 Being spoiled by Grandma.
 Shrimp Etouffee.
Pure deliciousness.  I love getting cajun food while
in Louisiana.
{Thanks Steve and Kevin for the dinner out with no kids}
 Getting ready to leave the house.
Headed to the Louisiana Museum.
 It was cold outside so we had planned some
indoor activities to do.
 Let's do this.
Seriously obsessed with this door.
Loved the color.
Cool old car in the museum.
 The girls with Pappy Steve.
 Next was Chuck E Cheese's.
Eme loved this ride...and doggie.
She had the putting the token thing down.
One right after the other.
 They both loved being able to pick any ride or game
they wanted to do.
  We went for "the kids"
to play. uh-huh.
 Thanks for a wonderful stay.
We miss you all!
 We had 7 airplane rides in one week.
We couldn't get back to Utah on Thurs like we had 
planned.  The Sundance Film Festival was is town
and flights were crazy.  So we flew to Minneapolis,
stayed there Thur night and left on Fri.
 We stayed at a hotel right across from the
Mall of America.  We dropped stuff off and hit the mall.
After lunch at Tucci Bennuch
{my all time favorite}
the girls rode lots of rides.
Emery with Pablo.
 And Ellie with Tasha.
Yes we know all the Backyardigans.
We watch it almost every day.
 Riding with the girls.
 Do not ride this ride after you just eat.
We both felt sick.  I know we sound weak,
but it really whips you around.
 More my style, the big ferris wheel.
I mean honestly the mall is so huge, a whole
ferris wheel fits inside.
 Bundling up for cold Minnesota air.
Try packing for 3 climates.
We had to hit Target in Louisiana.
We bought swimsuits, beanie hats and gloves.
Quite the combo.
But our hotel had this very cool kids pool.
The girls loved playing after we did the Mall.

We have been jetset this past week.  Originally the girls and I were 
supposed to meet Jeremy in Salt lake on Sunday as he landed
and head to Shreveport.  I was off on Friday and flights to
Orlando were open so I decided to go early and take the
girls to Florida.  We left a huge snow storm that we got Thur 
night. I honestly wasn't sure we could get to the airport due to
roads, but ended up being pretty clear.
Florida was having beautiful weather.  
We were in shorts the whole time we were there. 

So Sunday we got to take the later flight from Daytona to 
Atlanta and meet Jeremy there and all head to Shreveport.
We got to see Grandma and Grandpa's new house,
eat TONS of yummy food, and even get a night out
to dinner without the kids.  Thanks to Grandma and
Grandpa watching them for us.
Getting to go to Minneapolis was a bonus. 
Due to crazy flights into SLC and no seats available,
we had to stay overnight there then go home on Fri.
I am so glad we did, I love the Mall of America.
Our hotel was right across from the Mall, had free
shuttle from the airport and to the Mall along with 
a really nice breakfast.  Ended up being a fun bonus to 
the trip.  And our flights on Friday were open so
it worked out perfectly.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Our new venture

A little nervous, confused and excited.
Katelyn and I decided to launch
our blog
We had started it a few years ago,
but really never did much with it.
We are always do something crafty,
we might as well post about it.
So follow our blog
and also on Pinterest and Instagram.
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We pledge to be your
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