Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Merry Bogard Christmas!

C H R I S T M A S  2013
 We got home from Salt Lake with my family for our Christmas
staycation at Little America on Christmas Eve, just in time
to spread reindeer food outside for Santa's hungry reindeer coming that night.
 It was far too cold for Emery to spread her reindeer food.
 Next we set out cookies and milk for The Big Man in Red.
 Santa got spoiled and got homemade cookies from a new recipe I found with
browned butter and pulsed pecans. 
I think this was Ellie's favorite part, setting out cookies for Santa.
So we sprinkled reindeer food, plated cookies and went straight to bed.
It helped that we swam, ran around with cousins and had been so busy the two days
before, because kids, and parents were exhausted.
 Christmas Morning!
The excitement radiated from the girls.
 Mom Santa came!
...and he ate his cookies!!!
When you are really excited to put out cookies, you are really excited
when then get eaten.
  Santa left Emery an easel with art supplies 
and he left Ellie a scooter.
We next went through our stockings.
Each person got some fun item they wanted.
 Lots of photographers in this family.
  We had lots of items from NYC,
Santa must have known we just got back from there.
 The girls opened the gifts they had gotten each other.
They both shopped for each other, and kept it a secret.
I think it was their favorite part of the whole morning and favorite gift they opened.
{mid hug}
After Emery opened her Rapunzel doll Ellie got her,
Ellie said "Mom can I tell her now"
lol, yes dear you can tell her the secret of the present she just opened.
Emery got Ellie an Elsa doll from Frozen the movie,
and Lambie from Doc McStuffins.
They were thrilled.  
And hugged each other after each gift.
So sweet!
 Let the present opening begin!
 Each girl was very patient and waited for the other to open each gift and
see what the other got.  They thanked us after each gift and were so sweet.
Emery did tell Jeremy "you get me two presents"
it was so funny, but for the most part they were appreciative and patient. 
 Some of the from Grandma Linda. 
Hope we wrapped them up to her standards, she is the
wrapping queen.
 Jeremy got one total surprise,
headphones with a microphone to use while shooting his new gun.
{ps they work REALLY good, I'm using them to spy on everyone! haha
You can whisper from across the room and hear the person.  They are
designed to muffle the gun sound, but pick up other noises.  Very cool.}
 Mesmerized by all their gifts.
 Ellie got "Girl Legos"
one of the items on her list.
Plus a Snow White doll which is what she was for Halloween.
 We loved watching the magic of Christmas in
the girls' eyes.
 Sheer excitement.
 Doc McStuffins!
We sorta had a Doc McStuffins theme going on,
with the kit, slippers, lip gloss, etc.
Someone was in heaven.
And we all got to be her patients all day long.
She opened her clinic right up! haha
A mixer that really works.
Christmas with girls.
The girls were really cute to come give us hugs and loves after
opening each gift.
 It was the perfect Christmas morning.
And it wouldn't be complete without Santa Pancakes!
The girls look forward to these every year.
And I have to say fresh raspberry jam and whipped cream
is the only way to eat pancakes.
The after Christmas box and wrapping paper chaos.
The second best part of Christmas is the hours
of entertainment for the kids while Mom and Dad take
a much needed nap.
It's a Christmas Miracle in itself.

We had a fabulous Christmas, and the best part was actually
spending Christmas on Christmas.  Sometimes we have had to have
"Bogard Christmas:" on random days based on Jeremy's work schedule.
Luckily the girls are young and have no idea when Christmas really is.
This year we went to SLC for our annual family trip,
everyone had lots of fun.  We got to do our traditional Christmas Eve festivities
that we do every year with my family, then come home and prep for Santa.
Christmas morning was magical.
I think having kids is what makes Christmas so magical and fun.
Their pure excitement and joy was so fun to watch.
We spent the day playing with toys, napping, snacking, and watching
new movies.  It was the perfect day.
Hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Craftiness

 We decided to make marshmallow snowmen on a cold day 
stuck inside.  The kids were so excited for a little project. 
 They thought is was so much fun to glue on
all the marshmallows all by themselves. 
Elliette's finished project.
Her snowman even had arms.
 Emery and her finished project.

Our winter in Utah has been kinda up and down with the weather.
We will have a few really nice days then a snowstorm, then nice again.
So on those cold days when we don't want to leave the house we need to
think lots of ways to keep the littles busy.
Thank goodness for Pinterest and oodles of project ideas to do.
This was a fun and easy craft that the kids could do all themselves,
all I did was draw the circles for them.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

NYC at Christmas time

 We had our trip planned to New York for a while now.
It was B&D's 10 year anniversary
(Bob and Donna)
We flew into La Guardia airport Wed night around 5 pm.
Our hotel was pretty close to the airport. 
We took a taxi and met Bob and Donna at our hotel. 
 They had gotten into town earlier that day and had already hit the city by
the time we had gotten there.
We dropped off our things and hit the subway to the city.
The Subway was just a block from our hotel, so convenient. 
 We came up in Times Square then worked our way
over to wherever this LOVE sign is.
I honestly have no idea where in the city it is.
 L O V E
these two!
 We were pretty close to Carnegie Deli.
I have always wanted to go.  I've seen it featured on lots of shows.
They are famous for their HUGE sandwiches. 
 We both shared a sandwich each.
Holy huge stack of meat!
We got the pastrami and B&D the corned beef.
Both were good, I liked the dipping sauce that came with them. 
We got ours Ruben Style.
Open faced and cheese melted on it.
 It was fun to go and experience, but I wouldn't say that I would go
back again.  It was good, but not life changing. 
And $60 for two sandwiches is crazy town.
This probably could have been our most expensive meal for
2 sandwiches and no sides.
 Time to walk off our dinner.
Radio City Music Hall. 
 These adorable real "small" Christmas bulbs are on
The Avenue of the Americas.
I had wanted to see them and we saw them the very first night. 
 The city at Christmas time is so magical.
 We have so much fun together.
Even taking pictures is a riot. 
 Being silly.
Or trying to keep warm, it's a toss up.
 It was absolutely freezing.
 Right down the street from the balls
and the MOST ADORABLE lights ever.
I also had wanted to see these too.
Best first night.
 Strolling the city with my man.
I told him we need to take these home on the plane with us.  
They will fit right? 
 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.
 We saw so much on our very first night.
Considering we didn't even fly in until 5 pm.
City Christmas magic was everywhere.
The next day (Thursday)
we hit the streets and shops in Times Square.
 The cutest Lady Liberty ever!
 Times Square.
Don't let that sun fool you,
it was absolutely freezing. 
If you are in NYC this is a must.
Plus it's right off Times Square.
We ate at lunch and walked right it, but they were
already full all day for reservations on Friday.
The service is set for 2-4.
It is huge!
The pasta was a half portion!
Yes I said half.
Someone next to us had the lasagna and it looked
amazing too.
 So yummy!
Hope we can make it back one day.
 Views of the city
from the top of Rockefeller Center.
 They say the best views are from here,
better than from Empire State Building.
And I agree, these views were amazing and unobstructed.  
 The boys.
Bob looks excited huh?
Don't worry Bob we will find a Starbucks again soon.
 Top of the Rock 
with views of Central Park behind us.
 Laughing so we don't freeze.
 My favorite picture.
Captured the sun just right.
Enjoying the views of the city with my sweetie.
 Jeremy said this was his favorite thing we did
going to the top of Rockefeller.

 We are so lucky to have these guys who we can
laugh with, travel with, be crazy with
and freeze on top of the Rock with. 
 We timed it just right to see the city in the daylight,
saw the sun set over the city then saw the 
lights of the city coming on.
Simply magical.
 We went next to Grand Central.
It's beautiful in itself.
We ate at Two Boots Pizza.
The B&D had eaten there and it was good.
There were so many great places to eat here.
I didn't realize there were so many little restaurants in
the bottom level. 
 After dinner we went to Bryant Park
we needed warm apple ciders and to sit
under the heaters to stay warm.
This park is so cute, ice rink, skaters,
vendor booths and this little patio.
 Friday was these two crazy kids' 10 year anniversary!
We gave them heck the whole trip about taking
us to a frigid ice land.
But all kidding aside it was a beautiful winter wonderland.
But they know our next trip better be some place warm.
 Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!
 We found it!!!
Levain Bakery.
I had seen so much on this teeny tiny bakery.
We almost didn't see it. We were looking and then spotted it across the street,
it is street level and the store is below that.
 It was worth the find!
Oh and the funniest story, this little old lady standing outside
while I was taking pics in a "Grandma Jordan Voice"
said "go ahead and tweet it so we all can't get into the Bakery"
I about peed my pants it was so funny! 
 This is why it was worth finding!
The biggest, thickest cookies ever.
Mine was the only warm one, so if you go ask for a warm one
if they have one.
(this was the walnut chocolate chip)
Central Park selfies.
 Just down from the bakery is Central park,
so grab a cookie...or 3 and hit the park.
 9/11 Memorial
 Such a peaceful, solemn feeling from the chaos of the city.
From 9/11 we went to GRK
a Greek restaurant that Katelyn told us about.
It was super yummy. 
Right directly across from GRK was
Baked by Melissa.
The cutest little bakery making the cutest one bite cupcakes. 
 While Donna surprised Bob with a helicopter ride
of the city, yes helicopter ride, cool wife huh?
We went and saw the Statue of Liberty,
we missed the last ferry out, but saw from a distance.
We shopped all the vendors down there and got
some goodies for gifts.
 Dylan's Candy Bar 
 They celebrated their 10 year in style. 
 Our last day (Saturday)
there was a big snow storm, so we hit Chelsea Market.
Trying to stay inside the most we could.
It was sooooo cute inside!
The food we got was just okay,
maybe we chose wrong, but everything everywhere looked
yummy and the atmosphere is the cutest. 
 Flatiron Building.
 I feel like we got to see almost everything we wanted to see.
We even saw an off Broadway musical on Friday night.
Newsicle the Musicle.
It was hilarious, we all laughed so hard.
 Captures how we felt about the snow and cold in NYC.
 Captures how the B&D felt about the snow.
They were loving every single flake that fell.
 It was a good idea until I decided to swing around the pole.
 Fun times.
We laughed forever.
 Again how we felt about the snow and
how the Wendlands felt about the snow.
 I do have to say though strolling Central Park with
the snow falling was beautiful. 
 We decided because of weather and snow to leave
on Saturday night instead of Sunday morning,
thinking that if the weather delayed anything flying on Sunday
could be a mess.  So this was our last thing before we left
for the airport.
 Central Park with city views behind Jeremy.
 Boys being boys.
 If you want to freeze your face off, but see the most
beautiful Winter Wonderland
go to Central Park in December.
 Love vacationing with my little bestie.
We snacked around the city,
walked and walked and walked some more,
laughed until we cried.
Donna in her happy place.
 True statement.

New York City at Christmas time is purely magical.
Last year when Bob and Donna went right around this exact time
they had weather in the high 50's, lucky for us we had highs in the 20's.
"The good news is, is it's a damp cold"
But despite the cold we had a blast.
We ate yummy food, had the subway system down pat,
and saw everything we wanted to.
We always laugh so much when with these two.
They are so easy going and laid back to travel with.
I loved seeing the city decked out in all the holiday decor.
The fast pace of the city was fun, but it's always good to get home
to our babies and the slow pace of Utah.
Plus I don't think my legs could walk anymore after hitting the
concrete jungle that is Manhatten anymore.

Things I'll remember from our trip:
"said the liar"
The Christmas carol sang at the end of Newsicle the Musical.
"the yellow ones don't stop"
"Oh, Donna"
as she ran across every stop light almost dying.
Central Park selfies with the perfect light bursts.