Friday, December 7, 2012

Setting up the family tree

DSCN5013 by AshBogard
The girls' tree was all set up, so now onto the family tree.
DSCN5015 by AshBogard
Emery was a big helper putting the branches on.
Yes, we have to put on EACH branch.
But it is worth it, it's such a huge, full tree that
my friend Traci gave us.
  I love it.
DSCN5016 by AshBogard
Where is Ellie?
DSCN5028 by AshBogard
Jeremy let the girls each put the star on top of the tree.
DSCN5033 by AshBogard
Both girls loved putting the ornaments on.
DSCN5034 by AshBogard
Still not quite done, but getting there.
It is an all day event.

Who doesn't love the Christmas tree up?
I love walking downstairs when it is dark and just seeing the
light of the tree.  It is somewhat magical.
I am always excited to put the tree up, it doesn't
feel like Christmas time until it is up.
We spent most the day after Thanksgiving putting it up.
While we were working on it, we were also making
our own mini-Thanksgiving dinner.
We do this every year.  Usually so Jeremy can take
leftovers to eat since he is flying on Thanksgiving, but we were
lucky enough to have him home this year so we just got to
enjoy it as a family.

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