Saturday, December 15, 2012

Photos with "Santa"

 We finally made it to Fotofly for
Santa pics this year.  They do a fantastic
thing and have you wear the Santa outfit
"for the scared little children"
like Ellie says.
 I couldn't be more thrilled.
Absolutely love their faces here.
Christmas 2012

I am not lying when I say my kids and super naughty when
we they get their photos taken.  I had explained it to Ellie,
and she was very excited to take pictures when
"Mommy was Santa."
When we got there Emery had fallen asleep, and was still
in the angry, sleepy mood.  She wouldn't even walk over to
us, then just laid on my shoulder.  I was like great here it goes
again, then the girl was really nice and funny with the girls.
Emery warmed up to her and we got some great shots.
The session is only 10-15 minutes and they guarantee a few
photos, we left with 12 photos and I loved every one.

So Merry Christmas from my well behaved photo-taking
girls for the first time!
A Christmas miracle.

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House of Smiths said...

I got your Christmas Card today! Your family is beautiful, I LOVE your dress, you look fabulous! XOXO Shelley