Saturday, December 8, 2012

Paris, the "City of Lights"

 A dream come true.
Flying first class to Paris with my honey.
DSCN5142 by AshBogard
This was literally the very first thing we saw
when we came out of our Metro stop.
Not bad for a first sight huh?
DSCN5150 by AshBogard
Our hotel The Eiffel Seine.
It was such a good location.  A few blocks from the Eiffel Tower,
and steps from the Metro.
DSCN5161 by AshBogard
St. Michael Fountain.
This was our first stop, again the first thing we
saw when coming up from the Metro.
DSCN5164 by AshBogard
This is in the Latin Quarter.
Such a fun area of quaint little streets,
bistros and crepe vendors.
DSCN5165 by AshBogard
Jeremy was standing in a very bad place to not
get spit on by the fountain. haha.
DSCN5171 by AshBogard
We loved this little sandwich shop so much we went back twice.
You pick your sandwich and then then panini press it.
DSCN5172 by AshBogard
And of course we got a Nutella crepe too.
DSCN5177 by AshBogard
I was obsessed with the Metro signs.
But seriously how cute are they?
DSCN5169 by AshBogard
In the Latin Quarter.
I could spend forever looking at the cute streets.
DSCN5178 by AshBogard
Notre Dame Cathedral.
DSCN5184 by AshBogard
You could spend forever looking at just the outside alone.
DSCN5185 by AshBogard
Getting ready to enter.
I knew I wanted to see Notre Dame,
but had no idea how impressed I would be by it.
I was in awe.
DSCN5186 by AshBogard
The ornate facade was amazing.
DSCN5188 by AshBogard
Then you enter and see this!
Simply stunning.
DSCN5196 by AshBogard
The stained glass was breathtaking, and everywhere.
DSCN5207 by AshBogard
Sainte Chapelle.
This was very close to the Notre Dame.
DSCN5209 by AshBogard
I love this picture with the castle looking building,
and cool bridge behind me.
DSCN5219 by AshBogard
Just a cool fountain we found while walking to
the tower below we saw in the distance.
DSCN5223 by AshBogard
This amazing ornate tower was just in the
middle of a public park.
DSCN5227 by AshBogard
My brain could not take it all in.
There were amazing architecture and
buildings to look at everywhere you turned.
DSCN5229 by AshBogard
Back in the Latin Quarter we found a yummy
shop with these delicious macrons.
DSCN5231 by AshBogard
My very first Parisien macaron.
DSCN5244 by AshBogard
Yes, this is from my camera.
The Eiffel Tower at night all lit up.
DSCN5263 by AshBogard
Since the Eiffel Tower was so close to us
we went and saw it during the day before we set
out to see the days' sites.
DSCN5271 by AshBogard
From the back by the gardens.
DSCN5274 by AshBogard
A big thumbs up for the Eiffel Tower.
DSCN5304 by AshBogard
I was most excited to see this.
The Arc de Triomphe was so much more than I
even imagined.
DSCN5307 by AshBogard
Again literally the first thing you see after getting off
the Metro.  It is so massive.
DSCN5309 by AshBogard
I didn't think it was going to be so big.
The round-about around it is CRAZY!
Insane drivers.
DSCN5321 by AshBogard
Gives you an idea how big it is.
You take an underground walkway to go see it up close.
DSCN5323 by AshBogard
The famous Champs Elysees
stretches from Arc de Triomphe to the Louvre
which was our next stop.
DSCN5329 by AshBogard
Along Champs Elysees was LaDuree
it was on my list of things to see/do.
They have amazing sweets, and of course macrons
which they are famous for.
This tiny little bag containing 2 macrons cost more
than the night before when we got like 6.  But yummy!
We made it to The Louvre!
Don't forget to look up, there is art to look at everywhere.
Let the tour begin.
You can't use a flash inside the museum,
and this is blurry.  But I am doing a finger measurement.
Probably the biggest painting I've ever seen.
We found her!
The Mona Lisa.
It is so tiny!
There are these huge paintings everywhere,
then you come to The Mona Lisa, and it's so small.
But still amazing to see in person.

You simply can't see it all.
I've heard it takes days to see it all,
and I believe it.
Goodbye The Louvre!
You were amazing.
Can we call this place home?
Someone used to, it used to be someone's palace.
Welcome to my palace!
In the lobby of our hotel before going out at night.
The Eiffel Tower all lit up.
Every hour on the hour in twinkles. Magical.
Our last night to see the Eiffel Tower
We had reservations to ride up to the top at 8 pm.
At the top "the summit"
We will always have Paris!
Yes!! it is scary!
We timed in from the second station,
we ascended for 1 min 20 seconds.
That is a long time to be climbing!

A dream come true, I have always wanted to go to Paris.
We had looked into it a little bit back, enough so that I even
knew where I wanted to stay.  When Jeremy got 5 days off
{which never happens} he said let's go to Paris.
He didn't have to ask me twice.  The flights were WIDE open.
For us we have wanted to fly international First Class for
awhile now, that was part of the trip for us.
Can I tell you how much they spoil you in First Class.
Jeremy couldn't even touch the chair in front of him with his legs
straight out.  The chairs recline almost the whole way back.
They feed you, tons, and have yummy snacks like warm nuts
and icecream carts.  Truly the only way to travel.
We had such a short time in Paris, but we were able to see LOTS!
I had done lots of research and knew which areas were
grouped together so we were able to several things
each day.  We even had time to go back to the Latin Quarter
area twice.  We mastered the RER train and Metro.
We took it directly from the airport to our hotel.  They make
traveling there easy to get around.  Everyone was very nice
and spoke very good English.
We were in the best location for site seeing and the Metro was
literally across the street, so very easy access.
We saw so many amazing things, seriously my brain could not
take it all in.  The architecture is stunning, and is everywhere.
I can't wait to go day.

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