Friday, December 7, 2012

Light Parade

DSCN5043 by AshBogard
After setting up our tree we had our own
mini Thanksgiving dinner.
DSCN5059 by AshBogard
We always have Martinellis to drinks,
the girls like to "cheers"
DSCN5063 by AshBogard
Another newer tradition is watching the
Spanish Fork light parade.
It is always the day after Thanksgiving on Main St.
DSCN5072 by AshBogard
Utter joy in her eyes.
DSCN5074 by AshBogard
Pure excitement.
DSCN5084 by AshBogard
Some of our crowd.
DSCN5087 by AshBogard
The parade is really fun to watch.
{this year was EXTRA long, and it was freezing.
But usually it is the perfect time}

The day after Thanksgiving was filled with activities.
Surprising I was awake for them, Jess and I shopped from
8pm-6am! Yes you read that right.  I am not even sure
how it happened, but we hit a million stores.
Everyone liked the parade, minus the cold.
The kiddos especially liked it.
It's a fun tradition.

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