Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Letters to Santa

 Time to send letters to the Big Man in Red.
 We had to get out an alphabet book to remind us of all
our letters.  Look at Emery's intense letter writing.
 On Emery's list she wanted a baby doll,
Stompeez and princesses.
 Ellie wrote every single item all by herself.
This year she wanted Stompeez, a light-up pillow pet,
and princess dolls.  Pretty sure they wanted the exact same things.
 This one better cross her fingers that she's been good.
 Then a few weeks later we went to mail them
to Santa in the North Pole.
{a little sisterly love before we hit the road}
I can tell Santa that these two have been 
very good girls this year.
 Zonked out before we even got there.
Love they are both holding their letters.
 We picked The Riverwoods to mail our letters from.
It was so magical down there.
 Off to the North Pole they go.
 Cross your fingers girls that you get all
you want this year.
 The Riverwoods is all done up for the holidays,
I just loved all the lights.
Hot chocolate on a cold Utah night
after mailing our letters to Santa is a must.

This has been by far the most fun year with the girls.
They are both at such a fun age for knowing
and understanding Santa. They both loved writing and
then mailing off their letters to Santa.
At the top of Ellie's list is Stompeez,
she just can't wait to see if she gets them.
Hope Santa gets her letter to know what she
wants, and that she has been good.
We have watched Christmas movies almost
every single day, I love having the lights of the 
tree twinkling, and now our letters are mailed.
I think we are ready for the Big Guy to come.

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