Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas SLC vacation

 Too bad Jeremy had to fly all those passengers
to be with their families for Christmas that he missed
out on our Christmas vaca.
 He did get to come up to the hotel and swim with the girls,
then go to Trader Joe's with us, who had these adorable
carts that were just the girls' size.
They were in heaven!
 That night Valyn got us a private room and we had pizza
by the pool.  I was laughing so hard they had to bring all the
pizzas in on a luggage cart.
Big crowd.
 Everyone digging in.
 This is our 14th year that our family and my Aunt Valyn's family
has gone on a trip for Christmas.  We have been some really fun 
places like Seattle, Cali, Yellowstone, Florida, a cruise, San Diego
and more.  It is getting harder and harder with growing families to
go far, but we did go to SLC and spend a few days.
It is always so much fun, the girls love being with all the cousins,
and swimming on Christmas.
 Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City.
 Most of our group this year.
 Emery checking out Santa's workshop.
 With my girls who are anxiously awaiting Santa.
 We have recently reconnected with my half sisters
Kristie and Jill.  We are loving every time we are all 
together.  They all decided to come for 2 days of the trip
this year, which was so much fun!
This is all of Jim's kids:
Nick, Me, Dad, Mom, Jill, Kristie, Katelyn and Candice.
Only missing was Sidney who was in Sun Valley, ID.
 We went to the Grand America and the kids
got to get passports and see all the different countries
displayed in their cute windows and mark them off
in their passports.  Then when all done they gave
yummy cookies to everyone.  
  Jordyn and Ellie exploring and
marking their passports.
 Rub-a-dub-dub 4 girls in m tub.
 All clean and in Christmas jammies and new slippers.
My ugly sweater making skills put to work.
I had to help people make their ugly sweaters that we
were wearing to dinner.
 Oh ya baby these things are going out in public!
 Jim-Jim and Levi.
My Dad's hat sang and danced and Levi's sweater
lit up!  They were hilarious.
 I could not stop laughing!!
Every sweater kept getting better and better!
 Katelyn was very festive.
 With my little Grinchy girl.
 Wes the Christmas pimp.
 Candice, Dad and Chris.
Candice, Chris, Ryah and Jordyn's sweaters
all had their initials on the back. So funny.
"Ya filthy animals"
  On Christmas Eve we always go to a nice dinner 
somewhere, and this year we went to the really
nice buffett in the Little America Hotel.
We really stuck out in the restaurant.
The looks we got when we first walked in 
were hilarious.  I think people were trying to figure
out if we were serious or not.
Thank goodness Valyn got us a private room.
  I could not stop laughing.
 Christmas Eve.
Waiting in suspense for what Valyn and my Mom had planned.
They ALWAYS dress up to deliver our Christmas Eve gift bags.
They costumes have been so creative and funny every year.
Oh ya and there is ALWAYS a song too.
 This year they enlisted the help of all the "little elves"
to help them.  The lights were out and they all came in
with head lamps on.
 Two of Santa's helpers.
Merry Christmas Eve!

If I could recommend one thing I would say start going on trips
for Christmas.  14 years ago my Mom asked us what we had got
the year before for Christmas and not one of us could remember
anything.  She was like "that's it, we are going on a trip"
and the rest is history.  We go every year, and always over
Christmas.  Every single person can tell you where we went
on our trip, who was there, and what our catch phrase
was that year .
{we always have a phrase that becomes our theme every year}
Try and do that even 2 years ago and say what you got for
Christmas, bet ya can't remember.  We will always have 
these memories.  The trip is the gift and I would rather have it
and the memories made than any other gift.

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