Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Merry Bogard Christmas

 "A Merry Bogard Christmas Eve"
The girls in their cute new pjs.
Since we celebrated our Christmas Eve on
Christmas Day, we kept calling it "Merry Bogard Christmas"
We always get to have holidays
on random days due to Jeremy's flying schedule.
But the girls are little and have no idea.
 Christmas Eve the anticipation was killing her.
She was snooping under their tree.
 On "Christmas Eve" Jeremy told me to open a gift early.
I really didn't want to, I wanted to save it all for Christmas morning.
He and the girls surprised me with a new CAMERA!
And not just any camera a nice DSLR Nikon camera.
Yup, I cried.
The pics were far too ugly to show, but it is the
sweetest thing he has even gotten me.
You know I LOVE photos!
He wanted me to open it early to use Christmas morning,
I was very glad I did.  Good job Jer!
 Looks like the Bogards have been good.
 Both girls were really excited to set out cookies
and milk for Santa.  Ellie did not let us forget,
and look he ate them, drank the milk and even
left a note thanking the girls.
 Christmas morning.
Pure excitement.
 Emery was cracking us up.
She was super excited over everything.
She was like "my castle!"
Like you know I just own a castle, it was so funny.
 The new Tinkerbell Movie for both the girls.
 Emery checking out her presents.
 Elliette had just opened her stocking.
 Next to the Tinkerbell movie Santa had a bag for each girl.
 Inside was Periwinkle and Tinkerbell dolls,
just like the movie.
 Santa had all sorts of things in my stocking that I love
and needed. 
 Santa brought SkullCandy earphones in Jeremy's stocking.
 Ellie giving me a present she made me at school,
with a cute note with it.  It was darling, and she was
so excited to give it to me.
 Opening gifts from Grandma Linda.
Tinkerbell Barbies.  There was lots of Tinkerbell this year.
 Each of the girls got a present for daddy.
 He loved everything they got him.
 Emery is an aggressive unwrapper.
Don't let her sit on your lap, you are in the danger zone.
Paper and hands flying.
 We had to take a cookie break.
Opening all those gifts is a lot of work.
 Eme giving Daddy her present.
 More presents from Grandma Linda.
 Pillowpet night lights!
Just like they both wanted.
Little hands wanted to open every present.
Loved theses Scentsy buddies we got them.
Super soft and cute, plus have a scent sachet inside 
that smell up their whole room. Bonus!
 These girls must have been good girls,
the got spoiled.
 Absolutely darling new jacket from Aunt Kat.
 This needed two elves to bring it in.
Some gifts were as big as they were. 
Jeremy was so thoughtful this year.
He kept bringing out secret surprise gifts.
And bonus points for cute tags.
Belle and Merida dolls.
These are so cute in person.  Both girls
also got the Brave movie.
 Opening presents in action.
This was Eme's gift to Daddy.
 The chaos of present opening.
And we even thew away as we opned.
 Santa pancakes.
Christmas morning tradition.
 Emery telling me her doll has the same hair as her.
We got 2 spinny cars.
And maybe should have gotten 3, because 
Jeremy has taken them right over.

We had the best Christmas with the girls.
They really must have been super good this year,
our elf Mrs. Peeps must have told Santa they had been
extra nice because they both got spoiled.
They were so much fun both knowing and understanding.
It was purely magical for them.
It was fun to spend the weekend with my family
then come home and have our Christmas Eve
festivities as a family.
The girls played all day with their new toys
after we ate Santa pancakes, then Jeremy and I took
a nap.  It is nice to have new toys to entertain them
so that we can actually nap.
Thanks Santa!

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