Saturday, November 17, 2012

Snow Day #2

 Emery is ready for round two.
Not without her tutu though.
 We had so much more snow on Saturday,
Ellie could not wait to play in it again.
 Ellie never wanted to come in.
She could have stayed out all night.
 Snow princess.
 I love my little free-spirited princess.
 Ellie helped me knock all the snow off the trees,
they were buckling under the weight.
 I'm out.
Time to get warm.
 Really Elliette did not want to come it,
but convinced her if she did and ran errands with me
that she could go back out again.
So this was round 3.

I understand all those days of my Mom yelling at us
"in or out!" and the frustration of putting on snow gear.
Wow what a chore!
But the girls love it.  Ellie cannot get enough of playing 
in it.  Both girls even helped me shovel,
(using their beach sand shovels)
but helpful either way.
Guess we will be having a white Christmas.

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