Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

My little wild west girls
ready for trunk-or-treat.
 Waiting at the church for the trunk-or-treat
to get started.
 Little Ms. Independent was like
 "I got this down."  She was about 2 cars ahead
of us the whole time. You mean I just hold out my
bucket and you will put candy in it.
 Donut mouth.
 Visiting Nanny and letting her see our costumes.
 My adorable little wild indian.
 Eme and Papa.
 After trunk-or-treat and seeing Nanny and Papa,
we crashed Kat's Halloween party.
 Very festive.
The cowgirl, 2 indians and a lumberjack.
 The two cutest indians I've ever seen.
 Chief smiles a lot.
 Being festive,  just counting down the days
until Halloween.
 I caved.
Jeremy thought it would be fun for the girls to carve pumpkins,
I thought it would be messy.
I was right.
 Me with my perfect pumpkin,
with the perfect stem.
 Eme was drawing her face
for Daddy to carve for her.
Quite the face huh?
 Now that's a knife!
I didn't want to give up my perfect pumpkin
for Jeremy to hack into.
 And I was right.
He turned my perfect happy pumpkin,
into a spooky evil pumpkin.
{Emery hated the guts, she would not even come close}
 I forgot how much I love the smell of
candles burning in pumpkins.
The girls lasted about 20 minutes carving, 
leaving us to finish them all.
 Halloween night.
We had the cutest cowgirl and indian in town.
With Daddy.
 With Mommy.
You can see the excitement on their faces.
Bring on the candy!
 At Nanny's house with Lydia, Natalie, Madeline and Andrew. 
 Halloween 2012.
I just love Fall, I'm sad to see it ending.
 The family.
We trick-or-treated in perfect weather.
It had been 70 degrees that day.
 After the kids couldn't take it any longer,
we finally hit the very first house.
 I loved watching the back of their cute
little costumes all night.
 Jeremy's costume at night,
the kids loved it.
 This trick-or-treating thing is exhausting.
Emery kept right up with big sister all night.
Think they wore themselves out?

This year Halloween was so much fun.  
The girls were fun to watch.  Emery loved
dressing up in her costume,
"I indie" she kept saying.  
Ellie thought she looked like Jessie from Toy Story.
This will probably be the last year I get to choose
Ellie's costume.  She kept seeing lots of princesses
saying that is what she wants to be next year.
Best part of Halloween was Jeremy being home
this year.  Watching the girls together,
seeing them so excited over every piece
of candy they got.  Running to every house, and
seeing Eme's little legs run to keep up 
with Ryah and Ellie.
All the scary houses Emery would say
"I don't yike it, I don't yike it"
Their favorite thing in their buckets
were their tooth brushes and mini bag of pretzels.
Go figure :)

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