Friday, November 9, 2012

First snow day

Ellie told me "Mom it's snowing, it's Christmas!"
When I got home from work the girls were dying
to play in the snow.  I rounded up their snow clothes the best 
I could.  I still need to find gloves and hats.
 Emery is such a crackup!
She is hardly EVER seen without a tutu on.
Even over her snowpants.  She insisted on putting it on.
  The snowflakes on her tutu were so cute.
She is one in a million, my little snow diva.
 Elliette just wanted to run!
And eat the "white snow"
Love her jacket this year.
 My little snow princess.
She didn't want to come inside.
 The snow was piling up fast.
When I looked out later it was deep on our chairs outside.
 Smart Mommy.
The girls loved the umbrellas outside.
 Eme didn't last too long.
 I am not quite sure I am ready for the snow yet.
I love it, just not the driving and getting groceries in it.
Best part of after playing in the snow,
drinking hot chocolate!

Literally on Monday it was 73 degrees outside.
They said a storm would hit by Friday, and they
weren't lying.  I worked until just after lunch and
by the time I got home both girls had their boots out
just comping at the bit to get outside.
I gathered what I could find of snow clothes
and they went running.
Emery was cracking me up.  That girl is all girl.
she wanted her tutu, that of course she was already
wearing on over her snowpants.
They loved the snow, Ellie more than Eme, 
and can't wait for Daddy to build snowmen with them.

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