Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

DSCN4949 by AshBogard
Making a wish!
{She wished for a baby brother,
she told me.  She is wishful thinking}
DSCN4945 by AshBogard
Thanksgiving morning 2012
DSCN4953 by AshBogard
Thankful for these two beauties!
Also thankful for a husband who lets me stop
 before dinner and take pictures.
DSCN4963 by AshBogard
Jeremy and the girls.
Now let's get this picture taking over with,
it's time to feast!
DSCN4966 by AshBogard
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
DSCN4970 by AshBogard
The force behind the Feast
My Grandma Ruth "GG"
She made 87 rolls this year!  All from scratch of course.
DSCN4988 by AshBogard
Grandma made all the girls aprons to wear on Thanksgiving.
{she made me the short one, it was so funny}
DSCN4995 by AshBogard
After dinner we had LOTS of crafts for the kiddos to do.
We started with gingerbread houses.
Ellie called it her "Ginger House"
I think they as much candy as they put on them.

The best part of this Thanksgiving was Jeremy was actually
 home this year.  The first time in 5 years!
It was so nice, we casually got up and all hung out
together, dinner was not until 2:30 so we had time to
just relax.  Jeremy woke up really early and got me
a newspaper to look at all the Black Friday ads.
We both sat in bed looking them over.
We always go over early to GG's house, I take a cheese
ball and we snack before dinner.  Dinner was really
yummy, and fun being all together.
The kids LOVED the crafts.  We had several for them to do.

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