Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ellie and Emery's own tree

DSCN4910 by AshBogard
Ellie and Eme helped me decorate their own tree.
Emery loved putting up every single ornament
Setting up their tree is one of my favorite
.parts of Christmas.
Ellie for a pink hippo!!!
Hippo is her favorite animal, so perfect for the tree.
Elliette being so creative.  She knew the perfect 
spot for each thing on the tree.
Santa's little helper

As soon as it snowed Ellie begged to put
up the decorations.  So while Jeremy was
gone I drug up ALL the Christmas boxes and I 
told them we could decorate their pink and purple
tree.  Both girls were super excited, and Ellie picked
a special spot for each thing on the tree.
Next onto the big tree...once Daddy gets home.

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