Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Honeymoon Island FL

 This was our last beach day before heading back 
to the cold of Utah.  I LOVE Clearwater Beach, but even closer
to Grandma's house is Honeymoon Island. 
You don't have to fight for a parking spot, and like I said 
it is closer.  I think the beach is just as pretty.
 The girls could not wait to dig in the sand.
 Eme loved filling up her bucket for sandcastles.
 Our group on a beautiful 85 degree day
in October.
 We soaked up every last bit of vitamin D
we could before leaving the next day.
 Jeremy and the girls built lots of sandcastles.
 We had a perfect little spot on the beach.
After the beach we went to a fun little spot
for lunch.  The kids thought the hanging shark was cool.

This was our last chance to lay on the beach and
soak up the sun before our flight back to Utah,
which while we were gone was 35 degrees.
While we were in the Keys it was so insanely
hot, but this day the most perfect day in Florida.
It was 85 and just slightly humid, really perfect.
The kids had so much fun running in and out of the
water, building sandcastles and filling their buckets.
Even though it was a Monday a lot of the family was
off work so it was fun to spend one last day
together before we left.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Carmel Apple Bar

We held a small Halloween get together at our house,
and had a carmel apple bar.
 Ellie is our little cowgirl this year.
  Dreadful edibles.
 Emery and Lincoln.
 Emery our little indian this year with Kat
{who also is being an indian for Halloween}
 Cheers to my favorite holiday.
 Doesn't Talan look just like Harry Potter?
Frankenstein mocktails for the kiddos....and adults.
 Spooky cauldron.
 The boys.
 Jer getting his dip on.
  The cute couple Katelyn and Wes.
Our little indian and cowgirl
who can't wait for Halloween for trick-or-treating.
Carmel apple bar included homemade carmel,  
mini chocolate chips, peanute butter chips,
toffee chips, nuts and ultra mini marshmallows.
Can you say sugar overload?
We also had a cheep dip and cheese ball.

Last year Krista hosted a fun pre-Halloween party,
so this year for my turn I planned a carmel dipping party.
After lots of sugar and kids running all over I think it
was a success.  I have said it before, but I just love
Fall and Halloween.  It is my favorite time of year.
So the planning and decorations were so fun.
Thanks to everyone who came!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Islamorada Florida

 On our way to Florida.
We got to drop the girls off at Grandma's house,
then head to the keys for Steve & Chelsea's wedding.
 Entertaining the girls with pop beads on the plane.
They made a gazillion bracelets.
 Ellie modeling her necklace
{that you can't see}
 Even though we had the most wide open flights that I have
flown on in a long time, we had to overnight in Atlanta.
Serioulsy there were over 60 seats open on one flight.
All the flights were oversold from Atlanta to Tampa,
so we got a hotel and it was still early so we got a good dinner
and went to bed early since we had been up early and
would be getting up real early in the morning.
  The result of waking at up 5:30 am
{3:30 Utah time}
Emery fell asleep standing up not wanting to
get in her seat.
 We were in Tampa by 9 am,
this happened by probably 9:15.
Ellie and Eme playing with cousins
Shaelyn and Braden.
{Thanks Grandma for watching the girls
so we could go to the wedding,  thanks
to you and Joelle for all the fun things your did 
with them while we were gone}
 Thursday morning we got our rental car
and headed to the Keys.
We took "alligator alley" it is very swampy, very Floridian.
 We didn't see one alligator.
We were going to fly from Tampa to Miami then drive from there
{much closer}
but we decided we didn't want to get up Sunday for a real early flight.
 I really enjoyed the drive so it was kinda fun.
 Love this retro sign.
This was our first hotel we stayed at.
We went down a day earlier than most everyone
to have a little longer vaca with no kids.
 The grounds of the Islander were beautiful.
The beach was just out our backdoor.
 Can you say paradise?
 Chelsea and Steve were already in Islamorada,
we met up for dinner at our hotel.
 Thanks for the excuse for a tropical escape.
So excited for you two!
Having fun on the beach after dinner.
We just sat out in the chairs on the beach and listened to the waves. 
 Friday we changed resorts,
this was the sign to meet all the guests.
{Caribbean Resort, Islamorada}
 Our house for the next few days.
Chelsea's Dad rented out every single house on the
property for all the guests.  So we literally had
our own little wedding compound.
 This amazing pool was just steps from our front door.
 Exploring the grounds.
On the dock at the back of the resort.
{Don't let me forget to tell you how HOT it was,
in October.  The humidity was insane!  My hair
was "Monica" status the whole time}
I could live in this pool.
 Checking out the property with Terrence and Melissa.
 Finally everyone started to arrive. 
On our way to lunch.
 Lunch at Islamorada Fish Co.
I swear everywhere we went was a tropical paradise.
 Time to get in the pool!
We all got to layout and swim before the rehearsal dinner.
 Jenny, Melissa and I on our way out to the rehearsal dinner.
 The rehearsal dinner was on a private section of the beach.
 The food was amazing.
{probably my favorite meal the whole trip}
 My favorite picture of the whole trip!!
{the other boys missed the memo to jump}
 Steve was staying at Cheeca Lodge
right next door.  The resort was beautiful.
We had to come explore and check out his digs.
At the famous Robbie's.
The boys had to be ready early for pictures
the day of the wedding. I went exploring the island.
On a different trip to Key West we had stopped
here with Bob and Donna, it's a famous dock that
you feed the HUGE tarpon on.
 The girls ready for the wedding.
We had extra time since the boys were taking pics.
We got to lounge in the pool, and take our time
getting ready.
 Mr. & Mrs. McFarland
{beautiful ceremony and beautiful couple}
 Tent set up for dinner.
 Personalized koozies.
"to have and to hold, and keep your beer cold"
 Jenny, Me, Sara, Melissa.
 Cute card for each guest from the couple.
 Table guests.
During cocktail hour they had lots of yummy seafood
and hors d'oeuvres.
 Lots of good food and dancing.
 All the guests lighting paper lanterns off the dock
It was like Tangled!!!
{well almost, the only time we were not begging for a breeze,
the wind was not cooperating with lighting the lanterns}
 Each Groomsman giving a heartfelt toast.
So neat to see how highly they all think of Steve.
{yes I cried}
 Sparkler sendoff. 
The couple exited in style on a boat,
with everyone on the dock waving their sparklers.
Perfect ending to a perfect wedding.
Can we stay please?!?

I feel like we have been talking about going to the Keys for
Steve and Chelsea's wedding forever.  I can't believe it is already
over along with our incredible vaca.  I have said several times this 
was the perfect vacation, we got to spend time with the girls, 
and have our own alone adult time too.
The Caribbean Resort was beyond amazing.  We were so
generously put up with a few other couples in each house.
We loved staying up late, ordering pizza REAL late {twice}
and spending time with friends.  We ate the most amazing
food the whole time.  Damn you conch fritters! haha
back to the diet and gym for me.
We could not be more happy for the new 
Mr & Mrs McFarland.
  Thanks for letting us share in your special day.