Thursday, September 13, 2012

A camping we will go

Both the girls got new helmets before our
4-wheeler ride.
Ellie didn't take her's off the whole ride up the canyon.
{bike helmets will do for one day of 4-wheeling, right?}
Glad she likes it so much.
She is my safe little girl.
Of course it had a crown on it.
When we got up to where the Bills and Christensens 
were camping they were off of a 4-wheeler ride, so Emery and I
hung out while Ellie and Daddy went for a ride.
Now both the girls' turn to ride.
All the kiddos on our trail.
Lincoln is back there somewhere.
Joe took us to "The Tub"
pretty sure that is not the official name.
Jeremy with the girls.
Come on kids let's go across this super
crumbly bridge
...wear your helmet.
Labor Day 2012 campers.
Pretty canyon stream.
This could have been our last family picture standing
on that crumbly bridge.
{okay it wasn't that bad, but it was crumbly with
spots in it that had dropped out completely}
Camping with the Christensens.
...and 4-wheeling too.
We really had to double up on the way back after one
wheeler bit the dust.
Krista said we keep getting more redneck by the minute :)
Back at camp. 
Kiddos playing in the mud stream.
Best way to end a perfect day,
camping cones!

Thanks guys for letting us crash your camping trip.
And for feeding us!
Labor Day weekend we went up Diamond Fork Canyon
to where everyone was camping.  My Dad let us take his
4-wheeler, and that was fun to all go on a group ride.
The Bills and Christensens do camping right.
They have awesome setups, yummy food,
and go fun places for the kids to explore and play.
We love getting in on their trips, even if we don't stay

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