Sunday, September 23, 2012

Octoberfest and SLC overnight.

 Our our way up to Snowbird Ski Resort we went through
Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Can you believe how much Fall color there already is?
Beautiful. Stunning. Love Fall.
 The girls of Octoberfest.
This was our very first time going to the Octoberfest festivities.
The setting is amazingly beautiful and it was lots of fun.
 The boys
{MIA is Brad}
 We had fun posing with all the cutouts all over.
 hehe, Kels and Brad switchin it up.
 The small beer please.
Jess posing as the beer wench.
 Jess said this was my perfect picture.
We push our recycling on all our friends,
one day we will convert them!
 Jeremy got us all rooms with his Skywest discount at
The Sheraton.  We stayed here a few months ago and
I really like the hotel.
 This time our room opened up right onto the courtyard.
 All ready for dinner.
We found out the hotel offered a shuttle service. 
More fun to all ride together than take separate cars.
 We obviously did not eat enough at dinner,
we had to bring even more food with us into 
The Tavernacle.  
{always eating, highlight of most trips}
 Thanks Krista for the reservation.
"Krista and Dawn" you are the best!
 Our group.
Celebrating a weekend get away, fun friends,
no kids and good memories together.
 We celebrated Krista and Jason's "10th Anniversary"
haha, it is fun to make requests that they bring the party on stage for.
 It was also Jessica's "Bday" too.
She got some special assistance getting on stage.
 Seriously you could not keep our group off stage!
 Our fun waitress loved the necklace Jess was wearing.
She told her by the end of the night she would steal it.
Jess let her wear it, after she untangled it from her hair.
Sportin her stolen necklace.

Lots of plans centered around Octoberfest ranging from
taking kids, to camping near by, to just going for the day
 turned into leaving the kids behind going to Octoberfest,
 staying overnight in Salt Lake, and making reservations
 at The Tavernacle.
I will say I'm glad it turned into a weekend with no kids :)
Maybe next year the kiddos can come, there were some
fun things for them to do.
I feel like every time we get a weekend away we try to cram 
so many things in that we hardly spend anytime just relaxing
 in theroom.  Which is kinda what I think of when I think
of a weekendof not having the kids.
 But we always have so much fun and see lots.
.  Our group was so much fun and we laughed tons.
I think we took over the Tavernacle stage, seriously someone
in our group seemed to always be on stage...or the piano!
Love the Tavernacle, the dueling pianos are a blast, 
and the players/singers {minus one guy} are amazing.
It is fun to sing along and request songs.
Fun times, thanks guys for making it an unforgettable weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A camping we will go

Both the girls got new helmets before our
4-wheeler ride.
Ellie didn't take her's off the whole ride up the canyon.
{bike helmets will do for one day of 4-wheeling, right?}
Glad she likes it so much.
She is my safe little girl.
Of course it had a crown on it.
When we got up to where the Bills and Christensens 
were camping they were off of a 4-wheeler ride, so Emery and I
hung out while Ellie and Daddy went for a ride.
Now both the girls' turn to ride.
All the kiddos on our trail.
Lincoln is back there somewhere.
Joe took us to "The Tub"
pretty sure that is not the official name.
Jeremy with the girls.
Come on kids let's go across this super
crumbly bridge
...wear your helmet.
Labor Day 2012 campers.
Pretty canyon stream.
This could have been our last family picture standing
on that crumbly bridge.
{okay it wasn't that bad, but it was crumbly with
spots in it that had dropped out completely}
Camping with the Christensens.
...and 4-wheeling too.
We really had to double up on the way back after one
wheeler bit the dust.
Krista said we keep getting more redneck by the minute :)
Back at camp. 
Kiddos playing in the mud stream.
Best way to end a perfect day,
camping cones!

Thanks guys for letting us crash your camping trip.
And for feeding us!
Labor Day weekend we went up Diamond Fork Canyon
to where everyone was camping.  My Dad let us take his
4-wheeler, and that was fun to all go on a group ride.
The Bills and Christensens do camping right.
They have awesome setups, yummy food,
and go fun places for the kids to explore and play.
We love getting in on their trips, even if we don't stay

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st day of Preschool

 Ellie's actual first day back
to preschool.
 Last year of preschool,
then off to kindergarten.
 Have a great first day Ellie.
School time.

Ellie was excited for school this morning.
Probably not as excited as last year, last year being her
first year for school.  But she was excited to see her teacher
and friends again.  I hope she learns lots this year.
And can I just say 2 hours goes by like lightning, it feels
like the second I drop her off it is already time to go get her.