Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our new toy.

 Picking our new boat up.
{new to us}
We also had to get something new to pull it.
 Ellie working hard to clean the boat.
The girls have been so excited over
the boat, they just want to sit in it 
all day long.
 This is a fun toy Mom.
 It's the perfect size for our family.
 Our first lesson from Jim-Jim
{very intense instructions}
 She has found her calling,
driving the boat.
Watch out!
She is a crazy driver, not afraid to turn
rapidly without notice.
 Ellie's turn to drive.
 She only wants to drive.
We are in trouble.
 Pray for our safety.
 El Capitan.
Learning the ropes out on Utah Lake.
 We have went out on Utah Lake the last few nights,
it feels like we had to lake to ourselves. 
Boating makes you tired!
{also this hat we had to fish out of the lake.....
after several attempts we got it}

We have a new toy, that we are trying to learn all about.
Boating is soooo much fun, but it is also stressful too.
There are things to remember, kids who are fearless while
the boat in going fast, and for me learning how to back
a boat into the water {that is not super easy}
But I am getting better.  I know we'll have years of
memories boating with the kids.  Can't wait to take friends
out on the lake, we can literally be to Utah Lake and 
unloading in 15 minutes.  We like to leave out of Lincoln Beach.
I can't wait to plan some trips for next Summer where we
can take the boat with us.  We are kind of late in the Summer
now to plan a lot of things.  So we will just hit the lake
as many times as we can so we get real comfortable
unloading and loading the boat out of the water.

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