Sunday, August 19, 2012

Demolition Derby

 Spanish Fork Demolition Derby
August 2012
 Some of our crowd.
 So glad we made it this year.
Last year we had tickets but then ended up going
to Florida.  We heard how much fun we missed,
this year was a blast.
 We saw some crazy stuff.
 This was my favorite part, this car
actually still driving around with his tire
like that.  Crazy stuff.
 We had awesome seats
{thanks Krista}
Me in front of the track.
 This was from a car being turned all the way over.
The whole stadium was filled with smoke.
 SFFD on the scene.
 Another favorite moment,
this guy getting hung up on the wall.
He hit the cement barrier so hard it blew out
 cement hard and far.
It is so crazy to see the cars so smashed and missing tires,
and missing parts still driving around.
Makes you want to go smash things with your car :)

I am so glad we made it to the derby this year.
We were sad we missed it last yea,r after we even had
tickets.  Such a fun night.  We all met for dinner then
hit the derby.  This will be a Summer tradition for sure.
We couldn't have asked for a better night either.
Fun night, lots of action, great friends and fun!

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