Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bathroom makeover

 I REALLY want to redo lots of spaces
in my house. I want to repaint and decorate, have my
"pinterest house".  Jer says we are not redoing
the bedroom until the kids move out,
so they don't spill on our bed,
haha guess in 15-20 years I can redo the room.
 Ahhh, found this beauty at Target.
I was in love with red when we first built,
but after 6 years in the house, I am so sick of the red.
This blue feels more calm and spa like.
 Everyday lotion put in a glass jar to be "cuter."
And the whole re-do only cost me the price
of the shower curtain $19.99!
Some spray paint, an existing rug I had and
the whole feel of the bathroom changes.

I am getting that antsy feeling of wanting to redo my
WHOLE entire house.  I have the itch.  And when I
want something redone it usually happens the same day.
We have done lots to the house, maybe if I stayed off
Pinterest I wouldn't see so many amazing ideas.
I really want to redo the bathroom and bedroom 
in grays, and paint gray.  I actually had a gray shower 
curtain first, but I would have to change too many things.
So this blue worked better with what I already had.
And I just love it!

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