Friday, August 31, 2012

Our little preschooler

School year 2012 
 Elliette will begin her 2nd year
of Preschool on Sept 5th, 2012.
 So excited to go back to
Mrs. Amber's class.
 We hope she learns lots and gets
ready for kindergarten next year.
 School starts on Wed.
 The perfect student.
 Back to school.
 Oh my I am excited for school to start.
 Our little pupil.
 Smart girl.
{she did tell me she can see better with her glasses,
that have no lenses in them by the way}
Someone else was feeling left out a little...
don't worry Emery next year it's your turn.

Ellie's 2nd year of preschool starts on Wed.
She is so excited to be back in Mrs. Amber's class,
and see her friends.  We hope she is a good student
and learns lots because kindergarten is the following year.
They require the kids to know SO much now
starting in kindergarten.
So next year I'll have a kindergartener, and Emery
will start her first year of preschool.  I can't believe
how fast time is going.  We hope they both
love school, are nice to their friends and learn lots.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson

 Jacobson & Jordan wedding
 Katelyn's flower girls
Elliette, Ryah and Emery.
 I got to be escorted by this hot date.
 Emery kept saying
"I pretty"
She loved being in the dress.
 Jeremy and Nick
my "little" brother.
 The girls did such a good job.
Emery wash not lightly sprinkling, but
throwing the flowers down doing such a good job.
 Emery loved being a flower girl
 Flower girls joining the bridesmaids.
 The bride!!
I cried before she even hit the aisle.
My baby sister was such a beautiful bride.
 Touching moment between father and daughter.
 Exchanging rings.
 They're hitched!!!
The happy couple.
 Posing with the Bride and Groom.
 The girls by the guest sign in book.
The yard was utterly amazing, a secret garden.
 Us with the girls,
they just wanted to play on the playground
that was on the property.
 Loved the pictures strung above the fireplace.
 Mom and I striking a pose.
The Bridesmaids.
Loved the colors, the girls looked
simply amazing. 
 I do.
Katelyn was breathtaking.
 Family picture.
 Family shot.
 Big family shot.
 Let's eat!!!
 Jeremy and Kat.
 Italian soda bar.
 Matching stripey paper straws.
 Coordinating paper lanterns.
 Katelyn by the cake.
 Her cake was amazing.
And tasted even better.
 Sid getting her grub on.
 Mashed potato bar in martini glasses.
The food was amazing from the potato bar,
to the chicken skewers, salads and desserts.
 The DJ had the crowd dancing all night.
 Of course my girls didn't leave the dance floor.
I loved the velour suit and veil still on.
 I bet it feels to get out of that dress and heels.
 We love you Aunt Kat,
you were a princess tonight.
 Katelyn's wedding theme
"Best Day Ever"
 Let's get out of here!
Seems like yesterday my Dad was walking
me down the aisle.
Love you Dad!

I can't believe Katelyn's wedding is already over.
It was breathtakingly beautiful.  Everything was perfect.
And even though it rained {a little} it was the most 
beautiful night.  The venue was really a secret garden,
I want to live there, it's amazing.  Katelyn's colors were
just perfect, and everything coordinated just like she wanted.
The food was delicious, cake beautiful, DJ fun to dance to.
Her and my Mom thought of detail.
She truly was a princess, her dress was stunning.
The ceremony was the perfect length. Both the
Bride and Groom were emotional and so happy.
I love you so much baby sis!
Glad we could spend your special day with you.
Welcome to the family Wes.