Monday, July 9, 2012

Luau Birthday Party

The invitation to Elliette and Emery's
Luau Birthday Party.

 Getting ready for the party.
 It is Ellie and my tradition to go get the
birthday balloons. Then she gets to be surrounded
by them in the car.  I think I have a pic of her
like this every year.
 Balloons are fun!
 They are even more when you don't know
they are being brought home.
Sunscreen on the table.
The theme was Ellie and Eme's Tiki Hut.
 Our Hawaiian blow up girl that looked like Ellie.
Waiting for guests to arrive.
We had a big wind storm right before guests arrived.
We were holding stuff down, and I was like please
not again.  Last year I moved both parties due to weather.
But then it died down and was really nice.
 In front of the food table with the Birthday girl.
We had bbq pulled pork sandwiches, chips and a 
yummy pasta salad Jess made
{it was the hit of the buffett}
 Flamingo straws.
We sort of had a flamingo theme going on.
Ellie has been loving baby "mingos" so they became
a big part of decorating.
 Party favors for all the kids.
 With their personalized initials on the sand buckets.
 The spread.
 Grandma Linda and Nanny.
Linda flew from Florida to be here.
This was the first Birthday party she has
been able to come to.
 Apparently I always take pictures of
people eating, so why stop now.
 Aunt Kat getting lunch.
 Talan in his lei.
He was also my little helper walking around
handing out popsicles.
 Jason and Krista.
You guys look so tropical!
 View of the party.
 Welcoming everyone to the Tiki Bar.
 Jer eyeing the favors.
 All of the kids at the party.
 My little Birthday girl.
4 years old!
 My other Birthday girl.
2 years old!
 The Birthday cake.
{made by my Mom,
it was cute and super yummy}
 Daddy being silly with the flamingo.
 Emery by the cake.
 The Grandmas with the girls.
 Us with our little luau girls.
 5 layers in the cake.
I loved all the colors. 
 Present time.
 So spoiled.
Look how cute that purse is!
Ellie got an elephant one too.
 A scooter!!
From Grandma Linda,
it is all Ellie wanted this year.
 Matching dresses and pj's from Pappy Steve.
 Another cute dress from Grandma Linda.
 Cooling off.
 Everyone enjoying some popsicles.
The fam.
Thanks to all who came and made this day so special!

I combined the girls' Birthdays this year.  They are only a month
apart, and it is stressful having them so close.  This way also
Grandma Linda could come out and be able to go to both
parties in one.  And let me tell ya it was so much easier to plan
a combined one.  We decided on a luau/swim party.
I am glad the weather held off, and actually was a little cooler
than it has been lately so it was really nice.
The decor was fun,  we went tropical with lots of
flamingos.  I wanted it kinda "cheesey", that may sound
bad, but you know all the fun blow-ups,
 and cheesey decor was fun to buy and set up.
The food was good, the cake was so yummy, and we passed
out a ton of popsicles and otter pops.  The kids just ran
around, in and out of the pools and water things set up.
The girls got some darling gifts
{really everyone is was too thoughtful and generous}
People think of the cutest gifts, and the girls
loved opening all the presents.  Thanks to everyone who
came and helped.  I love you all!

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