Thursday, July 5, 2012

Father's Day 2012

 Father's Day 2012 
at my Parents' house.
Jim-Jim with ALL his girls.
Jim with all his kids in birth order.
Jim, Kristie, Jill, Me, Candice, Sid, Kat and Nick. 
 I love you so much Dad!
Thanks for being an inspiration in my life.
 Wes and Kat.
 The father's day cake
 All the Dads that were there.
 Cute colors of the cake.
 Jeremy was gone on Sunday,
so we celebrated on Monday.
 Father's Day Rootbeer.
 And new glasses for them too.
 He also got a few new shirts.
 Jeremy with the girls.
We love you Daddy!
Now let's crack these open!

We celebrated Father's Day this year with a BBQ
at my Parents' house.  My half sisters Kristie and Jill,
along with some of their families came too.  It was such a fun
crowd.  We ate yummy food and sat around for the longest
time after talking.  Jeremy was flying on Sunday so Monday night
when he landed we celebrated with him, and let him open his
presents.  I love my Dad so much!  Couldn't ask for a more
loving, giving,funny and patient Dad ever. 
Elliette and Emery are so blessed to have Jeremy as their
Dad.  He is so involved, hands on, loving, caring, and
patient Dad to them both.  He spends lots of time taking care
of them when I am at work.  He gets the whole "Mom thing"
because he does it lots. He knows what it is like to have
them all day, taking care of them.  And he does
such a good job at it, probably better than me
sometimes.  Love you Jeremy!

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