Tuesday, June 26, 2012

South Dakota "Sodak" 2012 {Day 1}

{Our trip to The South Dakota Black Hills
for our 9th wedding anniversary with Jess & Joe}
 Oh the rookie carry-on sized packer.
Jess giving us all some toiletries to carry on for her.
The joys of flying standby and carrying
everything on.
 The professional packers,
with all our 3 oz bottles in one bag.
 Every day I'm shuffling!
 Rapid City South Dakota here we come!
 The start of
"Boges and Bill in the Black Hills"
 All of us were excited to be at our destination.
The flight is just over an hour.
 Wouldn't be a peaceful night sleep without
this guy watching over you.
Adoba Eco Hotel, Rapid City SD.
 Our destination over the next few days.
 We walked the cute downtown area in Rapid City
and had an appetizer at Firehouse Brew House.
There was a band playing in the open air
courtyard.  It was fun to just sit and relax.
 Back at the hotel Jess and I turned around
and had the EXACT same thing in our hands
to wear to bed.
This was not planned at all!
 We just have great taste, that's all! 
haha, too funny though.
 Joe had told us he had a surprise for us when we got
back to the hotel.  He gave us each a shirt all rolled
up, then told us to unroll it at the same time.
 This is what it was!!!
We could not stop laughing, are they not
THE best thing you have ever seen?
We were all rolling.  He had totally done it
in secret and packed them up there.  We kidded
about making t-shirts, we could have never
come up with something this good.
{may be one of my favorite moments of the whole trip}
 The boys in their shirts.
 All our shirts lined up.
 We could not stop laughing,
they are the most perfect thing ever.
 "Hills yeah!"
Thumbs down to Jessica's 6
bags of make-up and toiletries.
{I'll teach her to pack light}

When Joe suggested a trip to South Dakota,
I wasn't sure what I thought about it.  He told us
I promise you'll have a good time.  I told him we could all
go to Idaho and have a good time just all being together.
He also told us we wouldn't have enough time to
see everything, and he was right.  So the planning
began, dates got shuffled and plans a little, but when
the final plan was made it ended up being over our
9 year wedding anniversary.  I wouldn't have spent it any
other way.  The Black Hills are beautiful, and I have
never laughed so hard.  My cheeks still hurt.
We had a fun first day, we didn't even leave SLC
until 8 pm and were out late, Joe the "Sodak Nazi"
had us waking up at 6am for a full day of
{Sodak day 1}

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