Wednesday, June 27, 2012

South Dakota {Day 5}

 Lunch at The Green Bean Cafe.
Probably the very best sandwich I have ever eaten.
I am still craving it.
 The Green Bean.
 After lunch we went up Spearfish Canyon
to go hiking to a waterfall.
 Beautiful waterfall.
 The Bills'.
This was probably the hottest day we had
the whole time, plus we didn't get going
as early as we thought we would this day,
so we were hiking in the heat of the day.
 Adams House in Deadwood.
 Our very last night of Vaca.
So sad to see it end.
 We had THE best time.
Laughed, relaxed, ate without kids
interrupting us and saw a good part of South Dakota.
Goodbye Deadwood,
until next time!

Sunday was our last full day on our trip.
So sad for it to be over, but like any trip when
it gets to the end you are ready to come home.
And we were missin our babies!
We rode the trolley from our hotel to
Deadwood Resort for dinner.
{we took the trolley the wrong way at first,
We made it an earlier night since we were 
waking up at 5 am for a real early flight.
We had the absolute best time,
my cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard, 
and I am pretty sure that is why I lost my voice too.
Thanks to all who made our trip possible,
from sitters to grandparents and
Joe for planning fun things to see and do.
{South Dakota Day 5}

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