Wednesday, June 27, 2012

South Dakota {Day 4}

Saturday, day 4.
 Outside of our hotel.
It has only been open for 2 months,
it was so nice inside.
 View of Deadwood Mountain Grand.
The casino entrance is front part,
and hotel in the back.
 "Then the sun set"
Cool story bro, tell it again.
You kinda had to be there for this one.
Jer has mad story telling skills.
 El Burro!
Joe's mascot.
 These type of statues made of metal
were all over Hill City.
 Walking the streets of Hill City.
{would have been better if it was Custer}
After missing the mountain road to Nemo,
we ended up back in Rapid City.
Best mistake ever, Taco Bell had
Chili Cheese Burritos
{Chilitos for the die hards!}
 You can't find them in Utah anymore.
They were heaven in your mouth.
 Historic Franklin Hotel
in Deadwood.
 Jer and I walked to the Franklin,
which was right by us and watched them
reenact a true story wild west shoot out.
 Ready to spend the night in Deadwood.
 Sister and Brother.
 Get these hot ladies on the town :)
 All us of on Saturday night heading
downtown for dinner and gambling.
 The boys,
Joe, Jer and Eric
{Joe's friend from Spearfish}
all in front of the site where Wild Bill was shot.
 At dinner.
This sign cracked me up!
Don't doddle around and miss the
LONG allotted time to get free cookies.

Saturday was a little more relaxed.
We slept in then headed up Spearfish Canyon
to eat breakfast at Cheyenne Crossing.
We had been up until after 2 am every night,
and then up pretty early.  I think no sleep was getting
to us by then.  We went to Hill City, which in my
defense I thought was going to be Custer, so I wanted
to go to.  Then it ended up being kinda boring.
Joe wanted to go up Nemo Canyon, but we missed
the turnoff and ended back in Rapid.
That night was really fun, we went out to dinner and
Eric came along with us.  We spent most of the night
in one casino playing black jack, and making
friends with all the dealers. They thought we
were pretty funny. 
{"I don't know why every day I'm shuffling!"
 Then after that we went to
Saloon 10 and danced to a live band.
This was probably the most fun night on the town.
{South Dakota Day 4}

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