Tuesday, June 26, 2012

South Dakota {Day 2}

 Day 2 {Thursday} was by far our busiest day we had.
It was our first full day in South Dakota.
Joe had a schedule for us every day we woke up. 
 Most of them were a surprise.
This is driving up a canyon through Custer
to Jewel Cave. Our first planned visit.
 Inside of Jewel Cave.
 The 2nd largest cave in the world.
The tour guide was uber impressed Jeremy
and I knew the 1st largest, Mammoth Cave.
We were her very first tourists to know.
We went to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky
actually over another anniversary.
{we must be some cave lovers to visit
on two anniversaries, haha}
 Exploring the cave.
It stays a constant 49 degrees, chilly.
 Today was our actual anniversary.
9 years and counting.
 Geez you would think it was
their anniversary :)
 We loved the cave
it was a fun surprise.
Formations in the cave.
 Boges and Bills literally in the Black Hills.
 Jewel Cave.
 Jewel Cave
June 21st, 2012.
 The cutest icecream shop we didn't
have time to stop at.  I was lucky enough
to be allotted time to snap this pic.
#tightschedule #sodakschedulenazi
Crazy Horse from a distance. 
 That is one big can of baked bean!
Think we should bring this on the boat guys?
 Finger to can size comparison.
Duggar sized!
 Joe's second surprise for us,
he had rented a pontoon boat on Lake Pactola.
The lake was beautiful.
Crystal clear water, tree lined and serene.
Thanks Joe for such a awesome surprise. 
 Ahhh, so peaceful.
No kids=serene afternoon.
 The guys decided it was time to jump
into the lake that was 67 degrees.
 Yup that will take your breath away!
 Joe's turn to jump.
 They decided they needed life jackets,
the water was pretty cold.
 It took both of them talking me into it for awhile,
but I finally got in.  Only for you Jer on our 
 Half way during the day we got a boat upgrade.
 Crank the tunes!
 "I'm on a boat!!"
El Capitan.
 We boated for most of the afternoon,
we had fun laying out, seeing the lake,
eating and snacking.
Perfect day on the lake.
 Pactola Lake
June 21st, 2012
A burger at Sugar Shack after boating.
The burgers were delicious.
 Finally made it to Deadwod Mountain Grand.
Deadwood, South Dakota.
 Happy Anniversary honey!
The hotel was just finished in April,
so it had only been open 2 months.
It was beautiful.
"I should have never given you my money!" 
After a long day of caving, boating,
and site seeing we got all ready and hit the 
casinos and streets of Deadwood.
Show me the money!
Look at all those horseshoes.

Day 2 of our trip was super busy, but we
saw lots this day. Joe had lots of things planned,
 he told us that he wasn't going to tell us until that
 day what we were doing.
He had put lots of thought into everything we did.
Don't let that fool ya though, we were on a TIGHT
schedule. Mainly just this day though, 
Jess and I wanted to stop everywhere, but we were
not allowed.  Hence the Sodak schedule Nazi.
It was a perfect way to spend our Anniversary.
{Sodak Day 2}

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