Thursday, June 14, 2012

SHS Red Devil Cheerleader

 Go Red Devils!
My mini cheerleader.
Ellie did cheer camp this year.
It is a 2 week camp then performance.
 At the High School for Ellie's performance.
 Ellie and Daddy.
 Addy did cheer camp too,
so we had a crowd at the performance.
 Eme getting snacks from Nanny.
 Aunt Kat joining us.
 The chaos of the 3-4 year olds
going onto the field.
 This is a pretty good shot if
you knew how far up we were.
They performed a dance and cheer.
 Next was Addy's age group.
She is on the end in blue shorts.
 Go SHS!
 Future cheerleaders in the making
 All the kiddos.
 Love this shot.
All the kids get along so well.
They were just super excited to go straight to the carnival.
Addy with Grandma Lani 
and Grandpa Dave.

Ellie participated in the Springville Cheer Camp
this year.  I was nervous she would be too shy and
not want to dance or cheer, but she knew all the 
moves and was excited every day to go to camp.
Her age group performed first and Addy's second,
we bolted right after that and hit the carnival. 
We knew every single person on those bleachers was
going to do the same thing we did.
Both girls did such a good job!
Way to go Ellie and Addy!

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