Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Orleans

New Orleans
French Quarter, Bourbon Street.
I didn't get as many photos at night, they
were not taking real well in the dark.
We found this cute open air courtyard,
and it had a real food garland.  Yes that is all real,
down to the crawfish.  Weird huh?
 Up on a balcony above Bourbon St.
 Seeing the night life from above was fun. 
 But by far my favorite was seeing
New Orleans during the day.  I could spend
forever looking at all the buildings.
 Every corner your turned, and every street
you looked down was just endless neat
architecture.  You could spend days just taking it all in.
Awesome door.  This place is a
photographers dream come true.
I am by no means a photographer, but I 
can appreciate it.
 I loved peering in all the windows too.
 This was an art gallery that opened to an 
open air courtyard.
 Look at all the flare on that building.
 In front of the famous Cafe Du Monde.
 I was very excited to visit here. I have seen/heard
about it.  
 Beignets covered in a pound of powdered sugar.
This is basically all they do.  Beignets, coffee and soda.
 They were piping hot and delicious.
Be careful not to inhale the sugar in your
lungs, I did. 
 They are not messy at all.
 Goodies from the Cafe.
 A very cool church that apparently you can
go into, we were going to go back and go inside
then forgot.  We went down to an Oyster Fest
on the water and kind of spaced going back.
{looks like we are at Disney huh}
 Those doors open to nothing, not
even a railing. Scary.
 Fleur de lis symbols are all over,
and they are my favorite.
 We ate at Coop's thanks to the
suggestion from Jeremy's Dad.
 We wanted cajun food.  This was a bit of
everything. Gumbo, red beans & rice, shrimp
creole. jambalaya, and chicken.
How could you ever decide where to eat
there are a MILLION places, all doing cajun
food.  We loved Coop's.
 I love the aqua doors.
There is so much history, detail, color, and ornate
trimmings on everything.
Above ground cemetery.
I am still super sad we didn't get to go in.  
Only saw from a distance.  They close the gates at
3:00 every day.  It is in a scary part of town, and
apparently a famous voodoo lady is buried in it.
And she attracts lots of visitors.
Next time going inside.
 On Bourbon Street.
 Cydney was Jeremy's flight attendant,
who he actually has been down to the 
French Quarter with before.  She always
bids New Orleans trips, so she knows her way
around.  I swear she knows everyone down
there too.  Every place we went into she knew
some one inside.  The band, cocktail waitress,
or manager.  She was so much fun!
 The 3 of us.
Humidity finally got the best of my hair.
 We watched these amazing street performers.
They were so good and funny too.
They were pushing getting tips, saying:
"tips keep us out of the poor house,
and yo house"  LOL.
They were so much fun to watch, and attracted
a huge crowd.

I have always wanted to go to New Orleans.  We actually
tried once when moving back from Florida to Utah.
 But tiny French Quarter streets and a U-Haul don't mix well.
Jeremy not too long ago got to go and the flight attendant
Cydney, who goes there lots, took the crew all around.
 I was so glad she was on the trip again with us.
  I swear she knows everyone,  it's like her 2nd home.
 Just Jeremy and I went down town Friday night alone,
it was late when we went down, and didn't get back
until about 4 a.m.  Then Saturday we headed down again.
Seeing the French Quarter in the day was the best.  At night
you can't see a lot, it is still amazing and you have to do
Bourbon Street at night, but you don't dare venture too far
off of Bourbon Street, it can be scary at night. 
So when I could finally see everything during the day it was
fascinating.  I was in awe.  The French architecture is
incredible.  I could have walked around forever, 
every single street lead to another that is lined with
cute shops, awesome architecture, and restaurants.  
Cafe Du Monde is a staple down there, and it was so 
yummy too.  We were able to get some cajun food,
and then Cyd had an amazing place for late night 
cheeseburgers.   Jeremy flew the flight out and home. 
And I even got first class going out, {only way to fly}
He had this awesome trip, we flew in Friday evening.
Then he didn't have to fly on Saturday at all, then we left
on Sunday morning.  Perfect little trip.  I can't wait to go back.
You could go several times and never see it all. 

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The Christensen said...

It looks like you had an amazing time jet setting to all of these fun places. You need to get a larger carry on so you can take me with you!!