Saturday, June 16, 2012

Art City Days 2012

 Art City Days Parade
 Thank goodness for endless supply
of free balloons from Brookside.
Emery let go every single one she got her hands on.
 Kat looking cute at the parade.
Elliette, Ryah and Emery.
 Tradition to sit in front of my parents' store,
watch the parade, Jim-Jim hands out Otter pops, then we go to
my parents' for a BBQ.
The girls enjoyed the parade...and getting candy!

Summer officially starts when Art City Days comes
around.  This year it seemed to come up super fast.
I can't believe it is here and gone.  Ellie could have
rode in the parade with the cheerleaders, but I knew
she would have more fun watching and getting candy.
{plus I didn't want to go through the the chaos 
of getting her there and picking her up}
She really did enjoying watching more.
Guess this means let Summer begin!

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