Wednesday, June 27, 2012

South Dakota {Day 5}

 Lunch at The Green Bean Cafe.
Probably the very best sandwich I have ever eaten.
I am still craving it.
 The Green Bean.
 After lunch we went up Spearfish Canyon
to go hiking to a waterfall.
 Beautiful waterfall.
 The Bills'.
This was probably the hottest day we had
the whole time, plus we didn't get going
as early as we thought we would this day,
so we were hiking in the heat of the day.
 Adams House in Deadwood.
 Our very last night of Vaca.
So sad to see it end.
 We had THE best time.
Laughed, relaxed, ate without kids
interrupting us and saw a good part of South Dakota.
Goodbye Deadwood,
until next time!

Sunday was our last full day on our trip.
So sad for it to be over, but like any trip when
it gets to the end you are ready to come home.
And we were missin our babies!
We rode the trolley from our hotel to
Deadwood Resort for dinner.
{we took the trolley the wrong way at first,
We made it an earlier night since we were 
waking up at 5 am for a real early flight.
We had the absolute best time,
my cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard, 
and I am pretty sure that is why I lost my voice too.
Thanks to all who made our trip possible,
from sitters to grandparents and
Joe for planning fun things to see and do.
{South Dakota Day 5}

South Dakota {Day 4}

Saturday, day 4.
 Outside of our hotel.
It has only been open for 2 months,
it was so nice inside.
 View of Deadwood Mountain Grand.
The casino entrance is front part,
and hotel in the back.
 "Then the sun set"
Cool story bro, tell it again.
You kinda had to be there for this one.
Jer has mad story telling skills.
 El Burro!
Joe's mascot.
 These type of statues made of metal
were all over Hill City.
 Walking the streets of Hill City.
{would have been better if it was Custer}
After missing the mountain road to Nemo,
we ended up back in Rapid City.
Best mistake ever, Taco Bell had
Chili Cheese Burritos
{Chilitos for the die hards!}
 You can't find them in Utah anymore.
They were heaven in your mouth.
 Historic Franklin Hotel
in Deadwood.
 Jer and I walked to the Franklin,
which was right by us and watched them
reenact a true story wild west shoot out.
 Ready to spend the night in Deadwood.
 Sister and Brother.
 Get these hot ladies on the town :)
 All us of on Saturday night heading
downtown for dinner and gambling.
 The boys,
Joe, Jer and Eric
{Joe's friend from Spearfish}
all in front of the site where Wild Bill was shot.
 At dinner.
This sign cracked me up!
Don't doddle around and miss the
LONG allotted time to get free cookies.

Saturday was a little more relaxed.
We slept in then headed up Spearfish Canyon
to eat breakfast at Cheyenne Crossing.
We had been up until after 2 am every night,
and then up pretty early.  I think no sleep was getting
to us by then.  We went to Hill City, which in my
defense I thought was going to be Custer, so I wanted
to go to.  Then it ended up being kinda boring.
Joe wanted to go up Nemo Canyon, but we missed
the turnoff and ended back in Rapid.
That night was really fun, we went out to dinner and
Eric came along with us.  We spent most of the night
in one casino playing black jack, and making
friends with all the dealers. They thought we
were pretty funny. 
{"I don't know why every day I'm shuffling!"
 Then after that we went to
Saloon 10 and danced to a live band.
This was probably the most fun night on the town.
{South Dakota Day 4}

South Dakota {Day 3}

Friday, our Mt. Rushmore day!
Getting ready to go our sportin our sweet shirts. 
 Our shirts got so much attention all day.
This was the dealers in the casino stopping us to look at them.
People stopped us all day, and we heard
people commenting as we walked by.
It was so hilarious!
 Lee St. Station in Deadwood
for breakfast.
 This place was the bomb!
The decor was so fun and cute.
The people made us feel like regulars,
and the food was amazing!
Best breakfast we had by far.
 Lee St. Station we'll be back soon...hopefully!
 Such a fun place to eat.
Thanks Trip Advisor for helping us
find yummy places along the way.
 You can write on a dollar bill and tape it to their wall.
"Boges and Bills in the Black Hills 2012, Holla!"
 Jess showing all the other ones taped on the wall.
 Cute gas pumps outside the restaurant.
 After breakfast we took the scenic way to
Mt. Rushmore through Needles Canyon.
There were several of these holes in the rock that
you drive through.  Very fun.
 Sylvan Lake
{something must have been funny}
 By far the prettiest lake I have seen.
Jeremy called it fake it was so pretty
"built by Disney lake" 
 A little stop with a scenic overlook.
 Black Hills you are beautiful.
 The narrowest rock you drive through.
You have to honk going through so cars can hear you 
 coming through.
 hahahaha, just getting in our their special moment.
 Why hello Jer!
 Picture of the Needles along the way.
{the mountains the way they spike up are called
the needles}
 Big thumbs up for the scenery.
{another big thumbs up for an allowed stop!}
 Love this picture.
View of Mt. Rushmore going through a tunnel.
 Jer thinks he really is one of the presidents.
 We, and our shirts have finally arrived!
I think our shirts got as much attention as
the actual Mt. Rushmore
{okay that is a stretch, but they got lots of attention}
 Mt. Rushmore
June 22nd, 2012
 Mt. Rushmore was such a site
to see and learn about.
 Jess and Joe.
 I can't wait to bring back the kiddos....
one day.
 We stood in order on our shirts.
The guys really got into the moment,
being their president.
 Looks so small, haha.
 My favorite picture of the whole day.
Mt. Rushmore 2012
 After Rushmore we rode ski lifts
up and the Alpine slide down.
{not sure if really called the Alpine slide}
Friday night street festival and concert.
They close down the street every Friday
night and do this.  We LOVED the small town
feel of it.  This is where Joe grew up
was in Spearfish.
 Just cut Joe's heart out and leave it here.
{exact quote}
 Performing was a band called Dirty Word.
They rocked it!
The girl vocalist was AMAZING!
 Friday night concert right up front.
We sang and danced all night.
 We wished we lived in a small town that did things like
this.  It was the neatest thing ever.
After Jess and I got to sing with Cassandra
{the vocalist}
We were her number one fans.
She has the voice of an angel, and beyond beautiful!

It is hard to say what day is my favorite day, but this one is up 
there on the list.  Each day was so different, in what we saw and did.  
We packed in lots every day, but we really did
do and see lots this day.
Joe really was the best tour guide,  because of him we got to
do all these things I would have never thought of. 
He was in charge of sites, and I was in charge of finding
yummy places to eat.  Easy enough for me to do.
Mt. Rushmore was awe inspiring, and made it even more
that way after learning the history of how it was made.
The drive up to Mt. Rushmore, the way Joe took us
was my favorite of the whole trip.
Beyond beautiful.
{South Dakota Day 3}