Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last day of Preschool

Elliette on her last day of preschool
at Little Wizards.
 It's hard to believe our baby is done
with one year of preschool already.
 First day of preschool
and last day of preschool.
{I think she lost some of her "baby" face, sniff, sniff}
 At The Little Wizards end of year performance.
 They sang lots of songs
for all the parents.
{one kid was cracking us up the whole time,
he was a super loud singer and it was so funny!}
 The whole class
with Mrs. Amber
 We're out of here!!
time for snacks.
 Emery thought she graduated too.
 Elliette did such a good job performing.
I am so proud of my baby girl.
 Ellie with Mrs. Amber
 Ellie's little "bestie"
her friend Emily in her class.
They looked for each other every day in class.
 Later that night having a little graduation
dinner at our favorite place
Joe Bandidos.
{Emery was being super silly}
 True mexican food ambiance
with the fajita smoke.
Emery was on one, being a little poser.
Plus good excuse to go to dinner while
your carpets are drying from being cleaned
earlier that day.

One year down of Preschool for Elliette.
It is hard to believe that a whole school year is over
already.  One more year of Preschool and then Kindergarten!
Say it isn't so!!!  I agree with Ellie when she tells me
"Mommy, I don't want to grow up. I just
wanna stay "wittle"
She did so go good in school this year, loved her class,
loved her teacher, and made a new friend Emily.
Jeremy and I at dinner were saying it is hard to believe
how fast she is growing up.  We just want to put the 
brakes on every day and slow it down.
Good job Ellie, 
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

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