Sunday, May 13, 2012

Big #33

 Yup. It's true I am now 33.
It's hard for me to believe.  I have some goals
in mind for my 33rd year. Hopefully I can
complete them all.
A Birthday/Mother's Day gift.
I got a bike trailer, and am sooo excited.
I can take the girls when Jeremy is gone. 
Give the girls a ride, and get some exercise too. 
 The fun part, putting it together.
 Both girls so excited to go.
It was pitch black outside and Ellie wanted to
go for a ride right that second.
 We have went of several rides.
I must be a smooth driver, put both girls right
to sleep. Both girls LOVE going.
On my actual birthday Katelyn took me and
the girls to lunch at Gardner's Village
and shopping.
A present from Kat.
{don't you love the bag!}
She is always so thoughtful and generous.
 At Gardner's with the girls.
 Miss Ellie.
 Elliette LOVES her Aunt Kat,
later that day she had to get her yellow
sweater on too to be twinners.
Big girls carrying a big purse.
The girls loved running around the shops.
See who she chooses to sit by.
Then the next day was Mother's Day.
This was a cute card Daddy and the girls made me.
They had it hiding since Daddy was flying.
{Ellie was very excited to be in charge of 
keeping the secret, which yes she did tell me about,
but still so cute}
Just a day I had spent with the girls.
We had went to feed the ducks.
Love Eme's upside down glasses and pearls.
 My sweeties.
I don't love Jeremy is gone as often as he is,
but it does give me lots of one-on-one
time with my girls, and I do love that.

I actually love Birthdays.  I don't love getting older, but I don't
 feel any older and I love birthday activities.
Which this year, like most, was spent eating lunch, shopping,
 getting spoiled and then dinner with my family.
Jeremy was gone this year on my Bday and on
Mother's Day, so luckily for me Kat stepped right in to
spend the day with me.  We shopped lots, ate cake from
Nothing Bundt Cake {best birthday cake ever} and
spent the day with the girls.
My Birthday is always very close to Mother's Day, and
sometimes on it.  So since it was the next day it felt like a
whole weekend of celebrating.  I am so thankful to be a Mom,
I remember when I thought it may not be possible for me.
  I am blessed beyond measure to have the two most
 amazing girls I could have ever dreamed of.  I am 
thankful Jeremy made me a Mom.  I am grateful for two
incredible influences in my life, my Mom and Mother-in-law.
They both show me love, patience and are shaping me into
the Mom I want to be to my girls.
All in all it was a perfect weekend.

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