Thursday, May 10, 2012

Arizona Sun

 On our way to Phoenix.
 Don't let them fool ya
this didn't last long.
 I could hardly put our bags down
without Ellie ripping into them to put
her swimsuit on.
 Down at the pool.
It was 94 degrees. {in May}
 Emery and Elliette could have swam all day.
 Drying off and getting some snacks.
 Yeah!! Daddy is here!!
Jeremy landed about an hour after us.
 Mill Avenue District 
Tempe, AZ
 Our first stop was to
Paletas Betty Handmade Mexican Pops.
 I had seen this on Food Network.
 Delicious all natural popsicles.
 This area was several blocks long
with fun shops and restaurants.
 Eme checking out Daddy's office.
 She wanted to touch EVERY button in there.
Jeremy was the pilot on our flight home.

The girls and I flew to Phoenix and met Jeremy to
spend time in the beautiful weather, go swimming
.  I love when Jeremy asks if we want to meet him on 
his long overnights...I am not sure if after he feels the same way. 
 haha {not as relaxing with kids}
The main reason for going was to go swimming,
and the kids could NOT wait to hit the water.
I can't believe how HOT it was there already. 
I could never live in Phoenix.
The weather was perfect at night, while walking around exploring. 
 I cannot imagine how hot their Summers are.  
The hotel's van service took us and picked us up from the
 Downtown area. The girls were spent by the time we got there,
 so I wish we had more time exploring.
  But maybe next time, when we are along.
The HIGHLIGHT of the trip for me was
Jeremy being our pilot coming home.
It was the first time we have ever been on a flight 
he was piloting.  It was fun to hear his voice for
the announcements.  Emery loved exploring the
cockpit with Daddy.  Ellie, for some reason,
was scared to go up.  Maybe because she just woke up.

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