Monday, May 28, 2012

Visit to Shreveport

The result of waking up at 3:45 a.m. Florida time
{1:45 a.m. Utah time} and leaving the house by 4:30.
 In Atlanta waiting for plane to Shreveport.
 We hit the park Sunday afternoon.
Ellie was telling Kevin, "Hello, it's me Ellie"
 Kevin is such a kid!
He had an entourage of kids playing with him at the park.
 Good thinkin Pappy Steve.
This was by far the hottest day we had the whole trip.
 We landed pretty early on Sunday, and Jeremy
got in after working/flying all day late that night.
So excited that Daddy was with us.
 The girls LOVE to pick up pine cones at Grandma's house.
 We put the kids right to work.
 They worked like dirty dogs filling their buckets several times.
 Then dumping them in the fire pit.
 It feels like an Easter egg hunt.
 Then we have to play kick/just carry the ball.
 Getting loves from Grandma Bogard
 On Tues we went to Gator and Friends,
a petting zoo.
 It was feeding time.
 Ummm can you say scary!
 Then we got to pet a baby alligator. 
Ellie did not want to touch it.
 Eme on the other hand was all about touching it.
 Jeremy was more brave than I am holding it.
 While we were petting the alligator Kevin was
being the deer whisperer.
"come to me my jungle friends"
 You buy food to feed them, and they are
not shy! 
 The girls were absolutely thrilled.
It was fun, all the animals were very active and interactive.
 Me and the girls.
 The girls with Pappy Steve.
Eme was so funny, she would throw the food at 
the deer and yell "eat"
 Could you die!
A baby zebra, that you could touch!
 Oh I loved that baby zebra,
he was only 3 months old.
 It was awesome to actually be able
to touch the animals.
 Next the goats.  They were more aggressive than
the deer. The baby ones {not pictured}
were soooo tiny and cute!
 Different kind of deer.
We saw so many fun and different animals.
Many I didn't post, but this was a highlight of the trip for sure.
The sign is too funny.
Next we hit Marshall Pottery, in Marshall Texas.
 I wanted to take home every single one!!
And they were only like $19.99, are you kidding me!
 Snuggle time with Grandpa Bogard.
 While there we learned to Farkle.
Yup, Farkle.  A dice game.
 We also learned that Grandma is a gamblin woman!
 The whole bunch.
Thanks for letting us invade.
We love you all.

Gong to Florida was a little bonus before going to 
Shreveport.  We got on a 6 a.m. flight from Daytona,
and literally by that night the 3 of us were in bed by 7 p.m.
For the whole night! I was putting the girls to bed and it was 
still light outside.  We were completely wiped out.
Jeremy got in late that night.  We spent all day Monday at
Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Steve and I got to escape
and hit the riverwalk shops and buy the girls some
Birthday items.  It was fun to break free, shop without kids,
and spend some time with Steve alone.  Then Tuesday at Gator
and Friends.  That really was a highlight, I think for young
and old.  We all really loved it.  And if only I could carry on
very, very heavy pottery in my carry on from Marshall Pottery.
Wed we spent again at Grandma and Grandpa's.
And left on Thursday, which turned from going to leave
on a 5:20 a.m. flight to waiting for the 7:30 p.m.
 flight so we even got a little more time to spend there.
We always love every  second we spend in Shreveport.
Love and miss everyone already.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Daytona Beach

 The girls and I decided that before we met
Jeremy in Shreveport to see family, that we would
fly into Florida and see Donna and the boys.
Bob was also working, so it was going to be us and the kids.
Outnumbered, but made for fun late girls only nights.
{once kids asleep}
 Time with my girls before
seeing friends in Daytona.
 Very "Floridian" in their flamingo shirts.
 Meeting Donna and the Boys at Boondocks.
 I was feeling the love!
All the kids wanted to sit by me.
 The usual suspects:
Buffalo shrimp, blackened fish sandwich,
sweat tea and fries.   Mmmmmm
 Thank goodness for Grandma Willis to
help keep an eye on my not-afraid-of-the-water Emery.
 Ellie and Cooper.
 It's tradition to eat at Boondocks
{or Dolphin View, when in town}
Also tradition for Donna's parents to come with.
This time Granddad made it too.
Love her family like my own.
 Best shot I could get of all 4 kids in carseats in the car.
I was worn out by the time we hit the beach from
reaching back to the kids, handing stuff and picking
up dropped items. WHEW!
 Besides wanting to see Donna, Croix and Cooper,
I really wanted to just lay on the beach.
 Elliette and Croix.
Croix told me "My Dad digs big holes in the sand"
I had to laugh because I have witnessed Bob's 
big hole digging talents.
{we were minus big holes this trip}
 This is what the kids did. Ran to and from the ocean,
bringing back buckets of water.
 Me and all the kids.
I am one lucky lady to be surrounded by all these kids.
 Cooper and Croix chilling in the water.
 My beach body baby.
 Ellie gathering probably her 100th
bucket of water for sand castles.
 Donna and I.
We were the brave women who took 4 young kids
to the beach alone.
Annual Boondocks picture.
This was the one and only time not having Bob and Jeremy there.

It worked out so that I could fly down to Florida with
Ellie and Emery and see Donna and the Boys before
we left there and headed to Louisiana.  We had fun nights
staying up late watching Foot Loose, laughing and talking.
I loved it.  That was the best part, just hanging with Donna.
The kids had fun playing together , they always get
along so well.  We ate yummy food, which included
Boondocks of course.  
Wish we lived closer, but glad we can visit often.