Friday, April 20, 2012

Zoo Day.

 Our pre-zoo picnic.
We picked up KFC and ate inside the park.
 Addy enjoying a little lunch.
 The 4 kiddos
{you have to get a picture by the 
lion drinking fountain, it's tradition}
 All the kids were dying to start seeing all the animals.
 Ellie and Crew looking at a monkey.
 Baby elephant!
 Just like on Madagascar.
 Ellie on the Rhino.
 All the girls on the Rhino.
{best pic we could get}
The kids' favorite part.
 Emery was practically jumping out of my
arms to get on the carousel.
 Crew on the kangaroo!
 I love the giraffes.
Hi guys!
{picture taken after Addy was on the other side
of the fence, you know just with the giraffes}
 Hi there big guy.
 Ellie and Addy.
 Snack time.
 At the end of the day on the train.
Hogle Zoo 2012.

Jess and I literally decided at 10 a.m. to go to the Zoo.
I made the mistake and asked Ellie if she wanted
to go to the Zoo that day, then there was no turning back.
There was no school because of Spring Break,
and I actually had that day off.  
{Now I am down to 3 days a week, it is weird
to be able to do  some mid-week activities}. 
 We were smart and grabbed lunch and took
it in with us.  Food there is expensive and not that great. 
The kids were super excited running around to each animal.
Emery was cute to watch. She got really over
each animal we saw.  She is able to keep up
with the big kids this year too, which is run.
 Besides the parking being insane, and super busy
being Spring Break, the weather was perfect, not too hot,
 and the kids had a blast.
 Best part is taking them home exhausted.
{Ellie is still sad we didn't see the hippos, her favorite animal.
They were doing lots of construction, and looks like the areas will
be really nice when all done though}

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