Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jeremy turns the big 3-3!

 Happy Birthday Jeremy
 Happy "tu-tu" Daddy!
 Opening cards and presents
from everyone.
 A new shirt for our weekend getaway. 
 On Friday we took the girls to my Mom's house
and went to SLC to 
celebrate both our birthdays.
The girls were just as excited to be going to Nanny's.
 After shopping we ate at Biaggi's
at the Gateway.
 It is one of our favorites!
Sooooo yummy!
 We got checked into our hotel and decided
to check out the new City Creek Center.
 Jeremy had never been.
I think this was only it's 3rd week open.
 This was a much earned thumbs up finding a
parking spot a The Pie.
(after Joe left some nasty messages on my FB
about not being invited, I finally convinced them
to come up for dinner. He was just kidding about
not being invited, but it was lots of fun having them
up there. Thanks for invading!) :)
 That is one big pie!
 Anxiously awaiting our mountains of food coming.
Yummy cheesey bread sticks.
 This was the small pizza, with about
every topping they had in the restaurant.
 @ Ruth's Diner Saturday morning
for breakfast.
Those are our "mile high biscuits"
 Hot chocolate on a cold morning.
Actually it wasn't that bad sitting outside.
The banana bread french toast.
This was SUPER rich! I could only eat a little bit
of it.  Ruth's is so fun.  We had never been, it is
in a cute old dining cart with outside seating too.

It was actually Jeremy's idea to get away for the weekend to
celebrate both our birthdays.  Jeremy's that just passed and 
mine coming up next month.
 We stayed at the Sheraton Downtown,
we stopped and shopped at several stores before we hit SLC.
We ate lunch at one of our favorite places, did some more
shopping at Gateway then got to the hotel.
We wanted to check out City Creek Center
and find somewhere to eat.
We happened to have some "intruders" invade our weekend, j/k.
 We loved having Joe and Jess meet us for dinner.
  I am glad Joe had his feelings hurt we didn't invite them :)
{plus Joe in my defense I didn't even know you were off work}
we had fun driving around crazily trying to find parking
 for The Pie, and dinner was a blast.
Thanks guys for listening to my persuading and coming up!
We thought we would go out late to the taco carts, but never made it.
It got too late and we were too tired, oh well next time.
Thanks Jer for the fun weekend, and Happy Birthday!

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The Christensen said...

Glad you guys had a fun weekend! Too bad you didn't make it to the taco carts!