Monday, April 16, 2012

"Fake Pops"

 My version of Cake Pops.
You know the beautiful, perfect cake pops
you see all over, this is my fake out version.
 Ellie really wanted to help.
We are taking these to her class for her
"Birthday" since she is a summer baby.
Our "fake pops" for an "un-birthday"
 Thanks to Pinterest I learned
to use doughnut holes, instead of all the time
making the balls yourself.
 One down.... only like a million more.
 They make it look so easy on the internet.
We kind of had to spoon it all over the doughnut holes.
 We didn't use sticks to make them actual
pops, just let them dry on wax paper.
 The inside of one.
They are yummy!!!!
{once I added the blue food coloring gel,
the chocolate didn't stay smooth, weird.}
 All packaged up.
Elliette is very excited to take these to class.

Since Ellie's Birthday is in July we get to take her
Birthday treats to her preschool early so that she 
can celebrate her Birthday with her school friends.
I have wanted to try and make Cake Pops, but they
look so hard and time consuming.  This version is
much easier, and really they tasted yummy!
{Happy Un-Birthday Ellie!}


Hill said...

You are very talented. What a super cute idea.

Shelly said...

Woman, where do you find the time??

Shelly said...
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