Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ellie 4 yr, Emery 2 yr pics.

Emery 2 yr
Elliette 4 yr 
 Sweet sisters.
 Ellie was sooooo good.
 Even Emery was good,
for at least some of them.
 That sweet laugh, and eyes
that disappear when she smiles.
 Ellie was so excited
to get to wear her new hat.
We are having a luau party this
year, so we changed them into
some bright summer clothes for
invitation pictures.
 We didn't get many of Emery,
she was not so excited about the
next set.
 So we turned on music on my phone,
Emery LOVES to dance.
 Mischievous grin!
Got one together.
 My sweet baby girl will be 4 soon!
 This sums up part of our photo session.
Wouldn't be getting pictures taken without a few tears
from this one.

The dreaded picture taking is done, and actually wasn't
too bad this year.  I had them taken a little early. I just
wanted them done, and there was actually a day that
Jeremy and I had off together.  So I am sure he was 
thrilled to go, but he was a big help. Emery did  get scared
for the 2nd part of taking them, we walked her around 
for a bit.  When we brought her back, we turned on music
and her the two danced around the studio.  
We got a few before she melted down.  
We have to have a crying picture every year.

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