Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ellie 4 yr, Emery 2 yr pics.

Emery 2 yr
Elliette 4 yr 
 Sweet sisters.
 Ellie was sooooo good.
 Even Emery was good,
for at least some of them.
 That sweet laugh, and eyes
that disappear when she smiles.
 Ellie was so excited
to get to wear her new hat.
We are having a luau party this
year, so we changed them into
some bright summer clothes for
invitation pictures.
 We didn't get many of Emery,
she was not so excited about the
next set.
 So we turned on music on my phone,
Emery LOVES to dance.
 Mischievous grin!
Got one together.
 My sweet baby girl will be 4 soon!
 This sums up part of our photo session.
Wouldn't be getting pictures taken without a few tears
from this one.

The dreaded picture taking is done, and actually wasn't
too bad this year.  I had them taken a little early. I just
wanted them done, and there was actually a day that
Jeremy and I had off together.  So I am sure he was 
thrilled to go, but he was a big help. Emery did  get scared
for the 2nd part of taking them, we walked her around 
for a bit.  When we brought her back, we turned on music
and her the two danced around the studio.  
We got a few before she melted down.  
We have to have a crying picture every year.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Zoo Day.

 Our pre-zoo picnic.
We picked up KFC and ate inside the park.
 Addy enjoying a little lunch.
 The 4 kiddos
{you have to get a picture by the 
lion drinking fountain, it's tradition}
 All the kids were dying to start seeing all the animals.
 Ellie and Crew looking at a monkey.
 Baby elephant!
 Just like on Madagascar.
 Ellie on the Rhino.
 All the girls on the Rhino.
{best pic we could get}
The kids' favorite part.
 Emery was practically jumping out of my
arms to get on the carousel.
 Crew on the kangaroo!
 I love the giraffes.
Hi guys!
{picture taken after Addy was on the other side
of the fence, you know just with the giraffes}
 Hi there big guy.
 Ellie and Addy.
 Snack time.
 At the end of the day on the train.
Hogle Zoo 2012.

Jess and I literally decided at 10 a.m. to go to the Zoo.
I made the mistake and asked Ellie if she wanted
to go to the Zoo that day, then there was no turning back.
There was no school because of Spring Break,
and I actually had that day off.  
{Now I am down to 3 days a week, it is weird
to be able to do  some mid-week activities}. 
 We were smart and grabbed lunch and took
it in with us.  Food there is expensive and not that great. 
The kids were super excited running around to each animal.
Emery was cute to watch. She got really over
each animal we saw.  She is able to keep up
with the big kids this year too, which is run.
 Besides the parking being insane, and super busy
being Spring Break, the weather was perfect, not too hot,
 and the kids had a blast.
 Best part is taking them home exhausted.
{Ellie is still sad we didn't see the hippos, her favorite animal.
They were doing lots of construction, and looks like the areas will
be really nice when all done though}

Monday, April 16, 2012

"Fake Pops"

 My version of Cake Pops.
You know the beautiful, perfect cake pops
you see all over, this is my fake out version.
 Ellie really wanted to help.
We are taking these to her class for her
"Birthday" since she is a summer baby.
Our "fake pops" for an "un-birthday"
 Thanks to Pinterest I learned
to use doughnut holes, instead of all the time
making the balls yourself.
 One down.... only like a million more.
 They make it look so easy on the internet.
We kind of had to spoon it all over the doughnut holes.
 We didn't use sticks to make them actual
pops, just let them dry on wax paper.
 The inside of one.
They are yummy!!!!
{once I added the blue food coloring gel,
the chocolate didn't stay smooth, weird.}
 All packaged up.
Elliette is very excited to take these to class.

Since Ellie's Birthday is in July we get to take her
Birthday treats to her preschool early so that she 
can celebrate her Birthday with her school friends.
I have wanted to try and make Cake Pops, but they
look so hard and time consuming.  This version is
much easier, and really they tasted yummy!
{Happy Un-Birthday Ellie!}

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

 Right after we left Salt Lake
and ate breakfast at Ruth's Diner then we headed 
to my Mom's where all my family was BBQing
and dyeing Easter eggs.
 Quite the crowd.
We missed the HUGE Easter egg hunt at GG's
house.  My Aunt Shelly hosts it and she goes
all out! There are more eggs than you can
imagine.  Eggs, candy and prizes for all.
 Let the creativity begin!
We all get pretty competitive designing
our eggs.
 I missed my Ellie Belly so much!
 This is how Eme dyed her eggs,
just playing and not having anything to do with the eggs.
 Daddy helping Ellie.
 Easter is so much fun with our family.
I love all being together.
Levi and Ryker-roo
 Who gave this girl a sharpie?
 We had an egg thief! 
The perfectionist, making sure his eggs were just perfect.
 Later that night we had our own egg hunt with the girls.
We put glow sticks in the eggs and they glowed
in the yard.  The girls LOVED it!
 Ellie and Emery chomping at the bit
to get out the door.
 Right when the door opened they could
see them glowing all over the yard.
 We found some chicks too.
 Emery needed no help at all.
She knew exactly what to do.
 Ellie filling her basket.
 Along with the glowing eggs, each girl
also had a multi-color changing bunny to find.
The yard was just glowing with these lit up 
and all the eggs.
 Emery found her bunny!
 Look Dad!
 Dad hid them really good.
 Ellie got lucky.
 Going through their loot. 
 Easter morning 2012.
 "oooooh tute"
Emery telling me her ducky is "cute"
 Ellie with the lamby
{and ring pop in mouth}
New swimsuits.
And sisterly love on Easter.

I was sad this year to miss the annual Easter Egg Hunt
 at GG's house since we went on our little getaway.  
But my Mom had the girls and she took them
down.  She said Emery at first was opening each egg
and eating the candy inside, but pretty soon she
got a hang of it and was filling up her basket fast.
We did get to meet everyone for the BBQ and
egg dyeing though.  It is a fun tradition.  The egg
dyeing gets pretty competitive {from the adults}
and usually all the adults are left dyeing the eggs and
the kids are off running around, which is exactly what
happened this year.  Since we missed the egg hunt with
the girls we did out own little one, the glow sticks in the eggs
was a huge hit.  They both were squeeling running around
finding all the eggs.  In the morning Ellie said "I think the
Easter Bunny hid more eggs" She was super surprised
that the Easter Bunny left gifts, I think she thought that was
better than eggs :)
Happy Easter 2012