Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Fever

This past weekend we had really nice weather.
We have Spring Fever bad!
So we hit the park almost every day.
The girls all ready for church
Ellie told me I don't want to smile,
I just wanna jump. Can't blame her :)
Being silly.
Another day we played with sidewalk
Emery multi-tasking,
coloring and mowing at the same time.
It is so nice to be outside!
I know this is not the end of us getting snow for the year,
but it has felt like Spring the past few days. And we area all
sooooo ready for Spring to come. It has been such a mild
Winter, I feel like it should just be Spring already.
We have just been excited to get out of the house.
The girls can't get enough. We have went to the park
{lots}, rode bikes, played sidewalk chalk and bubbles.
Hope this cures our cabin fever a little.

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