Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Va va voom!
I got eyelash extensions yesterday
and am loving every minute of it.

I will take a picture with all my makeup done,
this was right after I got them on.

Hair not done, but a little bottom mascara on.
But no eye shadow on at all. Crazy what a difference lashes make.

This was before the gym,
but you get the idea. My eyes don't look bald!

I chose the curly type, not quite sure if I think they are
too curly or not. But love the thick length of them.

I have wanted eyelash extensions for a LONG time, but they are
super expensive and the upkeep is about every 4-6 weeks.
I have bought lots of glue on eyelashes and even have a really
nice MAC pair. I love when I have them on, but kind of a pain
to apply. Then Jessica found this awesome lady doing them in
Springville for only $25! Crazy! So after she got her's on I
called for an appointment. Excited, but nervous for the upkeep
of them. So far easy peasey. I woke up this morning and actually
felt pretty, I almost felt like I could just run out the door, looking
like I did. Funny how something so little makes such a big
difference. I see why people are so addicted to them.

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Hill said...

wow they look amazing.