Saturday, February 11, 2012


Valentines 2012
This sums up every time I have ever tried to
have Emery's pictures taken. She is never happy.
Valentines 2012
My little sweethearts
Pictures and lunch at
Flour Girls and Dough Boys
I love how this one turned out.
{I swear as soon as we start
taking pictures though Ellie gets all
shy and stares at the ground}
{For her Sweetie Wes}
Just before we "lost" the balloons
Ellie LOVES her Aunt Kat
Love you Aunt Kat!
Emery my happy girl.
So lucky to be the Mom to these sweeties.
{Emery concerned where the balloon went,
Ellie sad she let it go}
Basically the only shot we got of the girls together.
I got these adorable shirts for the girls and wanted
to take a few pics for a Valentines Day mini card.
Katelyn has a really nice camera, and luckily is
always willing to take an afternoon with us taking
pictures and getting lunch.
{which by the way if you have not been to
Flour Girls and Dough Boys, stop by for an amazing
cookie! And food. It is absolutely darling in there!}
I am not sure why, but I swear my girls hate getting their
pics taken. They love it at home, but one we go anywhere
to take them, they don't cooperate and are stinkers.
How can this be? When I love photos soooooo much!
But luckily we got some cute shots anyway.
Happy Valentines Day 2012.

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Katelyn said...

the ones you picked out are way cute!