Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jordan & Courtney's Wedding

{I don't know why the spacing on this post is messed up, and I can't fix it.}
Helping Dad pick up his tux.
Taking pictures before the wedding rehearsal held
at the hotel, then after that the rehearsal dinner.
Practicing to be a flower girl.
Emery with her Daddy.
Brinna and Jon,
These two will be the next to take the plunge.
Jeremy and Mama Jo
The wedding was at One Ocean
Atlantic Beach Florida.
Rehearsal Dinner held at The Fish House
Atlantic Beach, FL.
Courtney and Jordan before the big day.
We loved the rehearsal dinner it was fun
to all be together.
The Bride and Groom had gifts for all the
people in their wedding party. Ellie loved her bag
full of goodies and a beautiful bracelet.
Jordan and Courtney
{so excited for you two!}
My pretty princess.
The day of the wedding, invading the bridal suite.
This was so cute for the wedding dress,
I have seen them on Etsy.
Ellie was super excited to be a flower girl.
Her cute tutu she got to wear.
Bring on the wedding!
Jordan and Jeremy.
Just a little bit before the wedding.
A shot of the family.
Pictures were done before the ceremony.
Eme, Jer and Joelle.
I loved the bridesmaids dress colors.
Relaxing in our room waiting for the ceremony to start.
{I absolutely loved this hotel, so modern and beautiful}
Emery reading the program.
After Ellie sat down from walking down the aisle
she said "Mom I didn't throw my flowers!"
Feb 18th, 2012
Joelle and Courtney.
HAHA, just had to.
On the dance floor these two were the dancing queens.
I love this picture!
Emery with her Daddy. They both looked so good all dressed up.
You could not keep the kids off the dance floor.
Eme dancing with Daddy.
We turned Jordan and Courtney's wedding into a 10 day vacation.
They were the main event, of course. We flew in on Wed and the wedding was on
Saturday the 18th of Feb. We had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday.
We got in really late on Wed and stayed at Bob and Donna's then
headed up to JAXon Friday. I love Atlantic Beach,
we have been there with the B&D before.
We did a ton of driving this trip. Orlando to JAX for the wedding
back to Orlando forDisney, then over to Tampa to Jeremy's Mom's house,
then back to Orlando. Whew!
The wedding was beautiful!! Courtney made a beautiful bride.
Everything was just perfect, her and her Mom did not miss a detail.
The hotel was amazing!
I want to stay there again, I could live there! :)
Congrats you two! Love you both!

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dayle timmons said...

Love looking at you pictures! i had so looked forward to getting to meet you because I so enjoy your blog and all of the cute, cute things that you do with the girls - and I barely got time to say hello! I am so glad ya'll made a long holiday of the wedding! What fun. You'll have to come again so we can discuss craft ideas! Your girls are adorable!