Sunday, February 5, 2012

Austin Texas

Jeremy had a long 27 hour layover in Austin and
asked if I wanted to come out Sat-Sun.
hmmmmm..... yes!
I got first class going out! Ahhh, it is the only way to fly,
and they feed you too! Can I say this was one of the best
chicken sandwiches I have had. Airplane food has stepped
it up a notch. And better than a bag of peanuts.

Our view from our hotel.
Radisson Town Lake. It was in the best location.

Exploring the city a bit. I love historic cities
with neat buildings.

The architecture was amazing.
We could see the Capital from our hotel.
It also was a stunning building.
We found Bubba's Country Store on
our way to the Salt Lick. We had to stop.

Have you even seen Dr. Pepper that looks like this?
It was like vintage. Made with real sugar cane.
If you have ever been to Texas you
know they love their Dr. Pepper.

I love touring with my hubby, he lets me take pictures
inside country stores and doesn't get embarrassed
{well maybe a little}
I think he likes that I get excited over little
things I think are funny or new.
We also both love to find the "hole-in-the-wall" places
so we make a good team scoping them out.
And hey my enthusiasm got us free salt!
Yup you heard it right, free flavored salt.
The clerk thought I was so funny taking pics
of everything she gave them to me for free
"from Texas" she said.

Why don't they sell Dr. Pepper like
this in Utah? I have never even seen
this packaging.

We made it!
Only about a 20-30 minute drive from our
hotel , we made it to the Salt Lick BBQ in
Driftwood Texas.

I can't even explain how cute this place is.
And how MUCH parking they have.
They have sheriffs directing you out it is
so popular.

This is the original restaurant.
We ate in this one, and were glad it is the one we
wanted to eat in. It started as just a pit, then a buiding
around the pit, they an edition, then a 2nd building.

This is the 2nd buildings on the property.
They are side-by-side. By this one there are lots
of tables outside to hang out at while waiting to eat.
You bring your own beer, or soda or whatever you want.
I honestly saw guys with a mini keg here.
See, you just sit around and hang out while waiting
for your buzzer to go off. It was the most fun I have ever
had waiting for a table.
I kid you not, people bring their own coolers.
It is the craziest and coolest thing I have ever seen.
We were cracking up.

We people watched and explored while waiting.
Seriously a line on Saturday at 3:30 in the afternoon.
You just chill outside, listen to the live music and drool
over the smells that are wafting out of both buildings.

If you ever get a chance to come here, DO!!
Come early the crowds and lines get crazy.
But waiting doesn't even feel like waiting, it is the
coolest thing ever. And sooooo worth it.

The grounds are beautiful.
We had time to walk around before dinner,
and the whole place is amazing.

With my hot hubby!

The original pit.
{their shirts say "you can smell our pits from miles away"}

Am I making you drool?

After dinner we relaxed in the room
then hit the streets of Austin to see what the
nightlife was all about.

Just "keeping Austin weird"
You know that is Austin's moto?
"Keep Austin weird"

Driskill Hotel on 6th Street.

All along 6th street there are foodcarts that smell amazing!
We didn't eat at any, but we did get a yummy
pizza at a place called The Onion and take it back to the room.

This picture was for Donna.
Jer said in DeLand she bartended at a Blind Pig

At the Salt Lick for the 2nd time.
We were craving it as soon as we pulled out of the parkinglot.
So decided to go back on Sunday before our flights.
Their "potato salad" is the best side they have, and
they only have 3. But it is potatoes with their bbq sauce.
And it is DELICIOUS!

Look at all that bark!
This is the beef brisket, we asked for burnt ends and
lean pieces. It was heaven in your mouth.
If I could describe their bbq sauce I would, best
I have ever had and different than I have ever had too.

Goodbye Salt Lick, until next time!
We had the absolute best time in Austin.
Jeremy had a long overnight there and he asked me if
I wanted to come.We both landed about 1'ish in Austin,
we rented a car and headed to our hotel.
We drove around a few minutes in downtown Austin
then headed out to Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood.
When Jeremy had asked me if I wanted to come to Austin
I immediately started researching what to do,
and most importantly where to eat. After a suggestion from
a Dr. I work with who lived in Texas and just went to Austin,
to go to the Salt Lick we planned to go there.
By far the best BBQ I have ever had.
We loved it so much, we went back again.
It was fun quick trip just to reconnect with each other,
bring home pizza after midnight to the hotel
and stay up watching dumb shows on TV. All with no kids.
Jeremy and I have a love for the same things,
we find the same things funny, and love to explore together.
So it was so fun exploring Austin.We both can't wait to go back.
Also not sure how long we can wait to have the Salt Lick BBQ again.
I think we are addicted.

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