Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Emery 20 months.
3 1/2 years.
Jeremy and I went on Monday to Terra Mia
then The Chocolate for Dessert.
We will never go fight the crowds on Valentines.
How unromantic are crowds, lines and chaos on
Valentines Day.
Plus I don't think Jer will really admit to celebrating
V-Day. He says it is a made up holiday.
Have you had the Cazookie at The Chocolate?
It is HUGE, and ooey-gooey yumminess.
Valentines morning.
We started a few years ago doing a $5 limit
for Valentines Day. It has been a fun tradition.
Both the girls got heart bracelets and little trinkets.
I even made heart pancakes that morning.
Emery was still asleep when we woke and I took
Ellie to sleep. Dad got her opening her little gifts.
That night we did chocolate and cheese fondue.
Heart marshmallows with pretzel handles.
It's okay on Valentines to eat fondue with
no pants on.
Fondue is a fun dinner no matter what night it is.
I think everyone would have been happy
with just the chocolate only. :)
You have to have red soda on Valentines.
Two of my loves!
Happy late Valentines day from my sweeties to yours!
I am so lucky to have a husband I love more every day,
and two funny, gorgeous, sweet girls.
I have lots to love.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Disney World

The girls are ready to go!
Elliette's first time at Disney World.
We made it!
Main Street USA, Disney World.
Joelle and I with our princesses.
{Ellie really wanted to ride in the boys' stroller
not hers, can you tell?}
Let's get this Disney day going!
But I say there is always time for pictures.
Ellie and Shaelyn.
Time for Mickey ice cream.
Snack time for everyone!
Cooper and Croix.
Ellie got to drive the car her and Daddy were in.
Where is your driver Jeremy?
Is this legal, haha.
Zonked out after lunch.
We tired out the kiddos.
But no time to rest we have Buzz Lightyear to ride.
Ellie woke right up for the ride.
Jer was not messing around. He did win high score.
Croix and Donna racking up the points.
Donna knows how to get around Disney.
The 4 kiddos right before The Haunted Mansion.
It was getting dark and the kids were all excited to use
their light up spinny toys.
Eating a Mickey pretzel before the
parade and fireworks.
Croix and his light up toy for the light parade.
Thanks Bob!For waiting 1 1/2 hours to get us this perfect
light parade location. All of us waiting for the show.
Light Parade,
so magical!
Ellie was really excited to see each float.
{Have you seen Wishes? The new show they do on
the castle before the fireworks? It is AMAZING! I can't even
describe it. They project the show onto the castle, making it
change to all sorts of things. It made the WHOLE day!}
Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World Feb 20th 2012.
I was super excited to take Ellie to Disney for the very first time!
We had taken her to Downtown Disney lots
{she probably thought that was Disney}
and she has been to Sea World with Bob, Donna,
and the boys too. She was at a fun age to take. She also knows
all the characters, which made it really fun. To see all the magic
through their eyes makes the whole day. From rides to
characters and light parade then the fireworks it was so magical.
I really cannot say enough about the Wishes light show they have
added. It capped the whole day. After a long day and night
watching the parade and fireworks we left the park with
all the kids asleep. The park was open until 1 a.m.,
I think we stayed until about 11 p.m.
The kids were done, exhausted.
Such a fun day so glad we got to share it with Bob, Donna, Croix,
Cooper, Joelle and Shaelyn. Thanks guys!
{also BIG thanks to Grandma Linda for watching Emery so we
could go and enjoy the day with Ellie alone.
It made the day even more special. Thanks again!}

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Daytona Beach before the wedding.

We basically had one day in Daytona before we headed
up to the wedding. We hit Daytona Ale House
for some Zingers! My favorite.
Emery spent lots of time outside,
why do we always go to eat during nap time!
We wanted to do lunch with Aunt Tonya, but she had
lunch plans to meet with reps. But we did stop
into her work and see her.
After seeing Tonya we stopped by Daytona Beach.
It was about 78 degrees while we were there,
it was perfect. Beautiful.
My beach baby.
Both the girls LOVED the water, looking for shells
and playing in the sand.
....yup, Emery fell in....twice!
Very concerned about the sand on her hands.
Her wet bum from falling in.
We saw that one coming.
The weather was perfect, we wish
we were not in a rush and had more time
to spend on the beach.
Loved being on the beach in February.
Ellie so wanted to swim!
But they had fun chasing the waves in and out.
Daytona Beach
Feb16th 2012.
After the beach we drove to New Smyrna to meet
everyone for dinner at The Dolphin View Restaurant.
{and yes we saw dolphins}
Sweet cheeks!
On the dock on the restaurant.
Triple trouble.
Ellie, Cooper and Croix
Emery was big enough this time to keep up
with the "big kids. She loved running with them all over.
Our tradition.
A dinner at either Boondocks or Dolphin View.
We always meet Donna's parents for dinner whenever we are
in town. It wouldn't be a trip without meeting them.
We got into Orlando really late on Wednesday, which really only
left us all day Thursday to hang out before we headed to
Jacksonville early on Friday for the wedding.
We found time to hit a few of our favorite places and see the beach.
The girls would have just dove into the ocean
if we would have let them, but they had fun running around instead.
We made it to Dolphin View, we love the atmosphere there.
The kids love looking for dolphins, and we did see some.
I would have been sad if this was the only time we saw
Bob, Donna and the boys, but we were
meeting them on Sunday to do go to Disney World.
So we knew we would have Sunday to Tues with them,
then again when we came back on Thur to fly
out of Orlando on Friday.